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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. I've just been posted to 35 as a SAT. What can I expect?
  2. What is your potential trade? Would help us work out what troop you might go to
  3. All the good jobs to come your way.........

    Waitering on............
  4. Draughtsman
  5. unlucky you wont be any use untill you are traded so stag on
  6. what do you want deary, we would not like you to feel put out now would we ????
  7. He probably just wants to start of his career in the corps on the correct foot
  8. The first thing to do is to ask to work in the Construction Supervision Cell in the HQ Sqn. That is the only place that you will get a real idea of what your trade is like.

    If you don't get into the CSC then don't give up. You'll still get loads of experience in Combat Engineering.

    Most of all enjoy it.
  9. most (not all though) SAT soldiers are of no use to man nor beast. can't do that, don't know how to do that, why is it always me, etc.
  10. Probably more a system fault than the individual. I thought the hold reason of Talavera Troop at Gib was for this precise thing? However I do agree that the are of no use to anyone.
  11. easy tiger are you sure ????
  12. I agree with you knocker surely they should be given more information than they can handle shown how to behave etc. they are the future etc, etc. I know that there is an awful amount of things that you can’t do with a SAT (standing by for all the comments as to what we would like to do with one)
  13. Two of my last German postings would not let SATTs do Guard unless they had been in the Unit 6 Months.

    They were left open to every other spam that came to the Troop though and due to the amount of Regimental Duties, works parties, driving details etc that Troops had to fill above and beyond normal works such as Veh/Eqpt maint, training etc, SATTs were often used for the less 'glamorous' tasks.

    This is mainly because they were not qualified to do the other tasks. Sometimes because they were unknown quantities and Tp Management would rather send a known and trusted Spr to do a job.

    Partly because SATTs would not be with the Troop for long and rightly or wrongly its human nature to be loyal to the blokes who have been around for a while and will be around long after the SATT has buggered off for trade training..

    SATTs have a bad rep mainly because they are, Sprogs, Can't drive, Can't behave and are only there for a short time before getting sent back for trade training.

    Work hard when you get there, pass all your fitness tests, stay fcuking cheerful, don't get in the sh1te, don't gob off, get to know the other lads in the Troop at work and in the bar and finally remember you are a sprog and no matter what sector of society you work in the new bloke always gets the sh1te jobs.

    We deployed SATTs on Telic 3 so its not all bad.

    CoJ sorry mate but I would advise DD to get the Knocker experience in now if you get any choice (which I doubt). In my book it beats the sh1te out of making brews for the 3 CoWs and a draughtsman who are all playing solitaire in the CSC!!

    AKTTE, Do you not remember when nearly every new Spr (except ex Chepstow A/Ts and Civvi Traded ARs (who had to go back for trade tests)) were SATTs????

    Ronnie good point about Talavera and I think the pushing blokes out as SATTs serves to reduce the ATRA (or whatever its called this week) budget and ups the Stats of Soldiers in Units. Probably a smoke and mirrors exercise to please some MOD idiot who doesn't care anyway!!!

    DD hope that helps, if not don't do any Phys, just stay in your room stuffing your face with pies, breaching PERSEC by creating Myspace accounts and alternately gobbing off or whinging on Arrse!!

  14. Thanks for the advice fellas. I'm more than happy to keep my head down and work hard for a few months. I'm not sure when my trade course starts although I've heard on the rumour mill there are no spaces until the end of the year, so I may be there a while.
  15. mouth shut - ears open - head down - nose to the grindstone.

    good luck.