35 Eng Regt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by onlydoingthreeyears, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me about this Regt? I have all the basic info but anything you can tell me would be appreciated
  2. Sir you never cease to amuse me and many others too, why didn't you give him / her the Mod linky . . . :wink:

    It WAS in Germany but hell who knows now??
  3. http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/units/841.aspx

    Sh1te they did move . . . Hamlyn was far better in the early 70's especially the Gypos 65 CSS RE . . no one was ever dressed the same on first parade . . .

    35 Engineer Regiment are part of 1 (UK) Armoured Division and supports 20 Armoured Brigade. The Regiment is located in the Cathedral city of Paderborn, Germany. and resides in Barker Barracks along with the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) and 3 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).

    The Regiment consists of 3 Armoured Engineer Squadrons, a Headquarters and Support Squadron, a REME Light Aid Detachment (LAD).

    ■44 Headquarter Squadron.
    ■29 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
    ■37 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
    ■77 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
    The Regiment moved to Paderborn from Gordon Barracks in Hameln in 1999.
  4. because we end up covering the same answers again & again.

    the search function is there so that arrsers can use it so as to stop the same questions being asked again & again.
  5. I take it "onlydoingthreeyears" is not of The Corps, or he would have had the intelligence to have worked that one out himself, or would he?

    Perhaps REMRO have allowed standards to drop a tad?
  6. a fecking rather large tad my friend.
  7. REMRO? Where was your last deployment - Rorke's Drift? :?
  8. I wish, we were at least allowed to shoot the bar*****'s then!

    And 65 CSS RE were still called the Gypo's!

    There was a lad in 35 then Andy Garret, I sure would like to know what happened to him, I was told he was either a civi in mid Africa, the other not good, was he was killed in 73 in an RTA.
  9. Tell you about 35 Engineer Regiment? Hmm...

    Well its in Germany, and is full of Royal Engineers. Hope this helps?
  10. To be honest im sick of answering this crap and theres 3 thats right 3 threads on this page!!!!!
  11. somebody is tired. :p :p :p :p
  12. They ran Camp Alpha, aka ATR Basrah, on Telic 13!
  13. They have moved on from ron hills and regt sweatshirts, its now Regimental Tracksuits all the way baby!!