Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sexysapper, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi, anyone out there sevrved out in 35 Eng Reg within the last few years, how did you find it? Maybe you love it/ loved it there and found it your best posting, maybe you hated it and couldnt wait to get out.
    Any thoughts, views, opinions?
  2. Depends how far back you're going..... I served with 35 from 93 to 96 in Hameln. 37 Field Sqn. Had a cracking time. Although 37 carried a bit of a reputation back then I can say I loved every minute of my time there. Lazy drunken Sunday afternoons in town (topping up from 'shads' the night before) then breaking into the cookhouse on way back to block to get some supper. Lovely.
  3. I left 37 Sqn in December after 3 and a half years, all I can say awesome blokes, shame about the head sheds.
  4. Was in Armd troop 37 Sqn 2000-2002, good place,good bunch of lads and had a great night life.
  5. i was in 37 from sept 2003 till oct 04 29sept 2001 till sept 03 i loved it my brother was in 29 at same time just got out hated it. saying that he spent lot of time in mangos
  6. I was in 37 sqn from '92 to '94 and you weren't wrong about a reputation, accomodation always getting smashed up! Doors kicked in, ablutions smashed up, even had a sofa set on fire in the lines! Certain irishman used to fall asleep with the Pogues on full blast with his door locked. Apart from that had a great time.
  7. 37 fd sqn, 1987-90 & yes the reputation was well & truely upheld back then. definite work hard play hard attitude back then, from what i can still remember (hazily).
  8. Also 37 Sqn (on and off between 91-94) and what jolly times we had. Being a sprog and a 'Skier' made it even more fun! I especially enjoyed the Cheese and Violence parties.

    More recently worked with 37 Sqn on Telic last year and they seemed liked a good butch of guys and they were definatley on a 'Work Hard' phase as they were on a dry tour (although I know one of the troops managed to sneek away for a night on the piss whilst watching England in the world cup). They also managed to smash the televisions in the cookhouse in their first weekend on a brand new camp.