35 Armd? Engrs

Ok blokes, I'm REME and posted into 35 Engr LAD......I Hear that this is the best post out of all the Engr Regt in BFG... can all, or even someone let me know what the post is like...and I have been posted in Paderborn before so I don't need the tour of the town..Cheers...


Sorry I should have said that I have been with lots of heavy armour and I love the banter....I know my way around a nuclear bivivac valve and don't even dare ask me to go for a long weight for a left handed screwdriver..
Short weight for a right handed screwdriver? Tartan paint?

Youre setting yerself up for a fall there, Mr old sweat! ... Someone will get you with something. Almost guaranteed... :wink:

Cant help with info on the posting. Enjoy it anyway. It's meant to be one of the better posts
it was when we were in hameln.

cannot speak for paderborn.

i know there are lads from the unti that read this forum, hopefully they will answer.

good luck.

bigspanner which sqn ftr sect you going to
also dates of arrival then i can get the good news
of which theatre/med man your going on :D
HEART_STOPPER, thanks for that, I'm inbound during the middle of Aug, thats about all I can tell you for now. From that I take it things are very busy there, as I expected...

Cheers again


PM would be better
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