340mph on the road

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Juvenal, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Stupid bloody thing, cant get much shopping in it, and you'll look a tw@t stuck in a traffic jam in the 'fastest road vehicle'
  2. Sure as hell didn't test it on British roads- on the offchance you avoided congestion long enough to hit the speed, how do you think that thing would cope with a 340mph traditional British pothole nosedive?!
  3. youd look much cooler in a Bugatti Veyron. 8)
  4. Compared to that oddity, you'd look cooler walking in day glo speedos.
  5. the production engine will have FAR less power than that. This prototype is a gimmick to get financial backing for the project.

    the stated top speed will not be realised in a production vehicle.

  6. Wouldn't you love to see Richard Hammond 'testing' it?
  7. I'm saving my cash for a people carrier version... wonder if they do a roof rack..?
  8. Am I missing something, or is this little more than a motorbike?

    A look on their website suggests that they're not quite on this planet. Its top speed of 340mph is achieved at half-throttle - it being governed at this level. So why bother with the other half of the throttle?

    They go on about its fantastic fuel economy. 100mph at 100mpg is quoted. It sounds impressive, but shifting four people at that speed would probably be more economic in some conventional cars.

    And as far as their vision of the future is concerned....


    No room to overtake, death if you sneeze, a utopian world of no winds and loss of touch with reality where bridge design is concerned.

    Where's the nearest dealer?

    ('cos they must be on some sort of mind-expanding substance).
  9. Why would you need to overtake if everyone is doing 340 mph? What are you going to be ridiing/driving that will catch up? :D

    I do like that silver cityscape though, very tomorrows world/Dr Who. Where are the silver one piece jumpsuits and meals in a pill?
  10. Anything that'll do 341 mph?
  11. you want to overtake with 1mph difference? on those roads? You are Richard Hammond aren't you?
  12. You will always get the old biddy in front doing 250
  13. Once people realise that everyone's going round on half-throttle, it won't be long before the ECU gets chipped for an extra couple of mph.

    Damn! I meant to say,"before the distributor gets turned just a fraction to advance the timing."
  14. How so? BMW were getting a reliable 1000BHP from 1.5 litres 20 years ago. With the advances that have been made in technology, materials and manufacturing since then 700BHP in a road vehicle isn't particularly farfetched, although the service intervals/MTBO might be a bit short.

    That said, you're damn right it's a publicity stunt/fund raiser. :roll:

    Edited for mongness.