34 Stone and Still not Big Enough

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ChuffChart, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. I have just finished watching the Tonight Programme, Chicks Shitting Themselves or similar, irrelevant as this particular rant is aimed at the trailer at the end of the programme.

    Check this ****** out, some fat mess is 34 stone and besause she does not qualify for NHS stomach stapling surgery she is trying to get FATTER.

    WTF is this cuntry (I know how to spell) coming to when people like this are not culled as required.

    Jesus Christ I'm surrounded by TWATS.

    Rant Over.
  2. Got a link for this???
  3. Actually R_C ol' bean, I'm in no particular hurry to spill my lunch over that particular sack of guts, so if it's all the same to you, I'd rather he didn't post the link... 'Cos you know the Emperor Mong will be sitting next to me whispering 'Go on Hugh, click it'

    I'm sure google will satisfy your need to feast (haha) your eyes on images of fat women...
  4. I have struggled to put weight on for 6 years now. I was 9.5st then, and im 9.5st now, if only my metabolism would slow down i too could be a fat waster earning millions of pounds from benefits.

    Where is Mr. Motivator when you need him, he would sort this oxygen theif out in no time
  5. Bethany Walton 2006
  6. My god that really is alarming. I don't know what this country is coming to but I hope it turns around quickly. When I was 14 stone I thought "oh shit, I am a lard ass, better sort it out" I just cannot fathom how people let themself balloon up to the size of a small blue whale and not have the will to do anything about it.

  7. Fcuk it, now I'm intrigued...

    I hope you're happy,

  8. What's cheaper though, stomach stapling, or 250ml of pentabarbitone?

    Surely the latter would be an effective solution - and an effective deterrent - to our nation of fat heifers/heifers-to-be. :D
  9. Just wait 'til you read my comment on the BBC page...
    (Not that they'll publish it, of course, the tossers...)

  10. Hugh, the link is 2 yrs old , mate.
  11. Horlicks, I missed that...

    Damn you Emperor! You told me it was fine to write something rude about the fatty, then boast about it on Arrse... Once again you have misled me, you old fatherless...
  12. Gaining weight, and good weight is a doddle. :p

    As for the fat fcuker, there will be many more if the government introduce a pay/reward scheme as an incentive to lose weight. People will be getting purposely fat to top up their income.

  13. Feck me I thought I was quite a big lad at 6'2" and 14 stone - she needs to loose the equivalent of nearly 1 and a half MB's. Speachless, fucking speachless. :x

  14. Did anyone see Channel 4's 'Fat Mans Warning'?


    It was on last year and repeated last week. All about some US guy called Steve Daly (comedian apparantly) coming to the UK and warning us good 'ol Brits that we are only 4 years away from becoming clinically obese ... like him and 30% of other Americans.

    He was hanging around outside McD's and Burger King with a placard warning people of the dangers ... forgot to mention that every time he made a visit to a fast food joint (every day) that he was scoffing 3 or 4 main meals in one go! He also visited a school in London to warn of the dangers of eating junk ... but the funny thing was that there wasn't one seriously overweight kid in the class he was talking too!

    Made me feel good anyway because I am a bit overweight but he was two and a bit times heavier