34 sigs (northerners)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copey, May 31, 2005.

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  1. how many from 34 are snooping thru arrse? what squadrons are you from?
  2. Ello <hand up>
  3. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    I knew 34 sigs were short but 2 takes the piss :lol:
  4. Their is about 3 of u and one ex.

  5. Sorry copey cant see there being many takers.
  6. Not 34 myself, but have enjoyed hospitality at Brambles Farm (so I've been informed). Do you still maintain the tradition of being the last bar to close after Remembrance Day? Can't think why we used to go from Stockton Road to Brambles Farm via Norton... Was 4 Para's beer cheaper?
  7. One more here! So who is Polar and Polar 69? Not PO's are you??

    (Forgot to say, i'm 49..)
  8. PO

    ho ho ho ho

    PM me and I'll reveal all
  9. Well of course we'd know that, you can use a computer :!: :twisted:
  10. I'm sure the other squadrons can use a computer, they would need to steal one first of course before signing for the duty brain cell...
  11. But they'd probably use it to wedge the beer fridge shut on their relays.
  12. 34 Sigs - is that the size of a troop? 8)
  13. No, that's far too fecking big!
  14. 4 paras beer was cheaper.