34 Signal regiment (V) no more.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar69, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Yesterday 34 Signal Regiment (V) was disbanded.

    Full stop.
  2. A sad day, some guys I served with, in the regs, some guys I did TA courses and exercises with, and some I was with, in Boz.
  3. That was quick, my Regt 35 isnt due to disband untill end of Sept. any news on when 33 is disbanding
  4. Is there any Royal Signals "footprint" left in the North West, North East and Midlands?
  5. I thought they were the Scots Regt?

    Are they coming SOuth? Which Sqns are going to survive? If any?
  6. 48 sqdn have joined 37 SR and are still based in Birmingham. 37 have a troop on the other side of the city and a sqdn up at Coventry also; not sure their Stratford sqdn has survived or not.
  7. So polars dead (49 (WR) Sig Sqn?
  8. 34 Sig Regt was not disbanded on 1 Aug 09. This is a totally incorrect statement.

    The closure of the regiment will take place at the same time as all the other affected regiments on 31 Mar 10.

    Elements of the current regiment will continue in the restructured 2 (NC) Sig Bde ORBAT.

    All TA personnel not in the new ORBAT are encouraged to look for alternative employment elsewhere in the TA - after all, there are 10,000 unfilled posts nationwide.

    Can we stop spreading alarmist and unfounded rumours?
  9. So the disbandment parade was a practice for the real one was it ? Well thats ok then, I'll parade on my normal parade night with my mates........whats that ? ........I can't ?

    Because its closed ??

    But surely that wouldn't happen unless it had been disbanded ??

    Silly me.
  10. The parade marked the practical end of regiment in its current format before the transition period begins in a month or two, when one of your squadrons will be re-roling and re-training in UK Ops.

    The process of closing any regiment is reasonably complex and will take several months, which is why the offical date of closure is 31 Mar 10.

    Any prospects of a cap-badge transfer for you?
  11. I dont have a clue who you are, why should I tell you ?

    The TA centres are closing, the kits gone, we had a parade and we no longer recruit.

    Hardly open for business is it ? Hence the thread.
  12. I am sure the permanent staff will be employed until March
  13. Really, to do what ?
  14. They'll be paid, and will turn up until March I think you will find. They are contracted to do it, and will occupy themselves helping the likes of you find another TA unit, organise visits, maintain contact with deployed personel. Oh and play alot of solitaire