34 ALIS points, 160 UCAS points and a 2:2 degree. Can i become an officer?


Basically I just want to know if there is a chance of becoming an officer with what I currently have, 34 ALIS points over 7 GCSEs. 6 grade Cs, including English Language, Maths, Double Science and Spanish.

Apparently a degree will usually override the need for UCAS points, does this stand true if you wish to join the Royal Artillery (as I only have 160)?

I keep meaning to speak to an army careers advisor, but have been really busy with work recently, hopefully I will get a chance this week. I am more than willing to spend some extra time studying to take another GCSE or two at my college if that is what it takes.
Yes, it does hold for the RA. That's assuming they'll have you, of course- speak to an ACA, get AOSB cracked, and get on some fam visits. Choice of arm is done when you're at Sandhurst, but some regiments operate a "confirmed cadet" system where they pick you on the basis of fam visits before arrival at RMAS, although this tends only to be for cavalry and guards regiments. Good luck!
The text book answer is NO, you must have 35 ALIS and a minimum of 180 UCAS points for all officer entry RA is no different (less PQO,REME-must have Engineering degree) ,you are correct in the fact that a degree(subject dependent) may offset any UCAS shortfall, however you do not meet the basic ALIS requirement.Having said that I would still contact an ACA 1 you may be accepted as a risk candidate and a final decision made at selection board level depending on your all round performance.Go and speak to Careers advisor and get the correct information from the horses mouth so to speak.
I spoke to the ACA today and I will be going in for a group presentation about what the army offers, I actually forgot about taking psychology at GCSE, so my ALIS is 35 (phew!). Also the matter of having 160 UCAS points is okay with my degree subject.

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