338 winmag

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by TRAZTAZ, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. 338 winmag, what will it do to a Roe deer(besides making it very dead), and what is the expected effect on wild boar?I am interested to hear your thoughts, I am thinking it will be a little over the top?
  2. paté?
  3. I spoke with a stalker at the jagd und hund when I went with carl a few years back, he said he uses .338 for red.
    I'm thinking the energy at the ranges we shoot at would be pretty high.

    Relative killing ability (from some yank site)
    bearing in mind that .22 rimfire @ 100m =10

    308 WINCHESTER (this is what you use at the mo I believe?)

    Bullet weight
    150 grain
    RKA / 100m
    Muzzle velocity
    2820 ft/sec
    RKA / 200m

    Bullet weight
    180 grain
    RKA / 100m
    Muzzle velocity
    2540 ft/sec2540 ft/sec
    RKA / 200m

    338 WIN MAG

    Bullet weight
    200 grain
    RKA / 100m
    Muzzle velocity
    3000 ft/sec
    RKA / 200m

    Bullet weight
    250 grain
    RKA / 100m
    Muzzle velocity
    2700 ft/sec
    RKA / 200m

    Interestingly they quote it as being suitable for elephant and buffalo, so should be good enough for those big Keiler in E.Germany
    Do I take it that pete is offering you new toys?
  4. Not toys from Pete, know someone who has one and wondewring how suitable it is.Where are you on the hunting scene and why have I not seen you?
  5. as the .338 lapuna is used to reach out and touch bad guys over 1000m away.
    be intersted apart from hefalumps what could possibly need a magnum rifle round in the uk basking sharks perhaps :?
  6. Not Uk brighton, continental.A friend has one and interested to see the results, just wondered if anyone here had seen results.The 308 will reach that far if you know what you are doing, I know I have two.
  7. Traz,
    I am here still, but only until Dec 18th, I was supposed to go in Oct to Ang's in Pirbright but it got cancelled by Morale Counter Measures.

    Have been out a few times to anton's but nothing showed!
    Hoping I'll have more luck in UK
  8. Cant speak for the .338winmag, but I can tell you that a head/neck shot from a .338Lm anchors them instantly at distance. Only real problem is shoot through to be honest.
  9. "Second hand" experiences only here, but still some insight. My uncle and his mate both bought .338 Win Mags for elk/moose-huting couple of decades ago in Finland. They were both bit disappointed with .308 and wanted something that'd stop elk on it's track (having to track wounded elk in forest for hours and miles in pissing rain is not fun).

    No surprises here, very potent round and good hit was usually instant kill. Both were again bit disappointed about their choice, though. They found out that recoil was strong (in their words, they said their rifles were "angry ones"). Also, in Finnish forests kills were usually made within 100m (my uncle for example used only iron sights) and high speed of .338 Win Mag bullet spoiled lot of meat.

    I myself preferred .458 Win Mag, which is even more overpowered for the task, but recoil is not as sharp and since round relied more on bullet mass than velocity, less meat was spoiled.

    What it is worth, my opinion is that both .338 Win Mag and LM are excellent rounds for distance. But way overpowered for deer..and even more so for wild boar. For sure kill, both are excellent, although .338 LM was never intended for hunting but as sniper round.

    If you want to eat what you shoot, then some other solution is preferable.