.338 Publications

I've been tasked with ensuring I get hold of the publications for the .338 rifle as we are due getting some in soon. If anybody can point me in the right direction (in pm if needs be) I'd be grateful, just not in a mdn sort of way.
Check the Tech Pubs website for the latest copy of the AESP, failing that give DLO (if they haven't had a name change) a bell - the tech advisor there should help you out - unless Hughes is still there!
Your tech library should hold Index to Weapons, they're are all in there. Be aware the pubs only go up to L115A2, however the Rifle you should get is the L115A3. I think only the CES is different.
Ordered our pubs in May and still not seen.
Cheers I'll have a scan about on DII tommorow for them.

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