.338 Lupa blank rounds

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rocky_Yeti, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody managed to get hold of any as the bomb dump geeks say that the company who where to supply it have made a duff batch which failed the testing phase.

    Just woundering if anybody else is having the same problems?
  2. They are available, but in very limited quantities.

    We wanted 6000 each of Ball and Blank. No problem with the ball, but only got 1000 blank.
  3. OK I might be being a bit naive but is there a requirement for 338 Lapua blank carts?

    Surely the sniper course utilises the 7.62 rifle, with successful students then trained up on the 338.

    As for dry exercises, as no live rounds are winging the way down to a target, the 7.62 rifles could be used.

    Or am I missing something?
  4. Yes there is a requirement, especially when the same weapons will be used for a TES phase. Bit pointless swapping between weapons just because blank can't be provided.
  5. Well said that man. the only reason there staying with the L96 for marksmanship training is down to the cost.

    All the fieldcraft stuff ( Stalks and Cam + Con ) still need to be done with blank or your going to start to run out of staff to sit in the OP :)
  6. Perhaps a bit obvious but:

    UK Importer: http://www.vikingarms.com

    If only it was that easy hey?
  7. Still playing devils advocate here.

    As the difference between the two weapons is just the calibre, I still can't see the reason why L96 can't be used.

    Now, if it's because L96 are not issued to active sniper teams fair enough. However, if there is no lead flying down range, there is no difference in the way the weapon is used.

    Don't get me wrong I'm all in favour of having the blank available to the required user quantities and not cost based. But, like Dinger we have to fight the bean counters and need good strong arguments from the users to throw into the ring.

    I think one of main reasons for the 338s not replacing all the 7.62s might also have something to do with the lack of ranges on which it can be used, (this might have been improved over the last year).

  8. Its not just the size of the round which has changed so has the sighting system, Bi-Pod, Supresser, Spot Weld, Butt Spike, Folding Stock plus all the CES such as Wind Meter, range finder, Chronograhic etc etc..... which is why firing L96 upto 600m then swiching to 338 is a load of bonk in my books

    As for the ranges most field firing areas have set up 4 or 6 lane ranges using SAPU's and a number of CGR ranges now have the ticks in the boxes for 338 back to 1000m's
  9. What do you think of the new bipod compared with the old one?
  10. All good reasons to shoot with the 338 rather than the 7.62, but still not justification for blanks.
  11. Harris Bi-pod Not to bad looks a bit Heath Robinson takes a bit longer to set up but has been used by civvy target shooters for ages as is VERY stable but if it is robust enough is yet to been seen. But still gets my thumbs up.
  12. Well yes it is. Two different weapons. It would be like saying we don't need 5.56mm Blank Link because we have 7.62mm Blank Link.

    As for costs, its small fry, so thats a poor excuse.
  13. My bold.

    Dinger I'm surprised at you, that's a silly comparison.

    Do we have a GPMG that fires a 5.56 round or a Minime that fires a 7.62 round............No? They have completely different working parts, designs and drills.

    The only difference in the design between the 338 and the 7.62 is the fact that the 7.62 is short action and the 338 is long action. If it wasn't for the length of the 338 cart case you would be able to swap barrels on the same weapon.
    As far as the exercises, in which you would shoot blanks there is no difference in the weapon.
  14. Noisy, tangling pile of old crap with no proper tilt and pan facility and prone to falling off at random. Impossible to fit or remove whilst wearing gloves or in cold weather. I just do not believe this has been through cold weather trials. Will not snug into turf or mud. Sinks in gravel. Popular with civvies because you can fit it on anything and it's dirt cheap. On the range it doesn't matter if your bipod goes DOOINNNNGGG! when you deploy it or if it falls off after three rounds. I'd disagree about it being stable - just see what happens when you lean into it!

    I wouldn't give you tuppence for one but we'll see how you get on. If you can keep hold of a Parker Hale/AI one I'd strongly recommend that you do.
  15. It was a purposely crass comparison to highlight that there is no substitute for the real thing. You can't expect someone to train on a different system and be proficient and professional on a system they will use during Ops.

    You've lost me FF, but then i have never been into shooting. I feel the point you are trying to make is irrelevant as the 8.59 is/has superseded the 7.62.

    I'm also a bit perturbed that you would suggest an item of ammunition is pointless. Lets not forget that this is our stock in trade and therefore all ammunition (with the exception of Grenade Hand Nuclear XL1E1) is worthwhile.