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.338 ar

What is the point of having a semi auto long range sniper rifle..? The time of flight is greater than it would take you to reload with a bolt. You want the minimum going on in the gun to maximise accuracy. When they start making successful semi auto benchrest rifles, I might be interested..

..and before you ask, yes I know about the SVD - but even the Russians admit this rifle was always a compromise and not a true sniper rifle.

Oh - and stay away from those ********* on FPS Russia - their mummies don't know they are playing with guns..
All true.
But it makes one hell of a spotters weapon.

THIS is a spotters weapon..

Pedersen rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... and I held one of the ten known UK (Vickers Armstrong) made, and possibly only surviving example today :)

An insane weapon. The best engineering you will ever see - even the iron sight is a work of art.. but totally useless as a military weapon. Too complex and far too expensive.

However it shows what you can do with a lump of steel, a lump of wood and the services of the finest Geordie light engineers that ever lived..

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