336 (Them) Sig Sqn - Wakefield

Initially formed from 146 Infantry Brigade Signals, 49 (West Riding) Division Leeds, the sqn will reform over the next year to provide IR's for 18 Signal Regiment.

They will initially form as a troop in 63 Signal Squadron but it is hoped numbers will pick up quickly and the north will soon get its own 'them' Signals Sqn.
49 Division, or Brigade?

It's not fair, my brain is being fried by my dissertation and lack of time in green skin this week
polar69 said:
Will it be formed today ? The first of APRIL >?
Damn too obvious :lol: I suspected this thread was an April the 1st joke Para Eng & SAS Sigs Det - Wakefield (see the last few posts).

Yes the original 49 (West Riding) Divisional Signals are the best, they've just merged with the remains of another 49 Div 147 Bde (337) Sig Sqn (also 2 Sqn 64 Signal Regiment). The original has a Yorkshire Rose as its emblem not a polar bear, how gay would that be :lol: :lol:

But if the original rumour is true ...... It does have a logic about it
Oh where do you get all this information from, can anyone join or is it just word of mouth at the moment, or are other TA units keeping quiet,,,, good 01/04/06

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