335 Medical Evacuation Regiment

Hi all,

I have recently applied to join the Territorial Army to train as a Combat Medical Technician. A couple of days ago I received a phone call from the Army informing me that - as I wish to train to become a civvie Paramedic - my application for CMT has been approved for a 'National' TA unit; That being 335 Medical Evacuation Regiment.
I am obviously very pleased and I am now waiting for some more paperwork to arrive, followed by selection later this year up in Grantham. However, I am finding in very difficult to discover exactly who 335 are, what they do and the duties I would expect to undertaking as a CMT with them (I believe a CMTs role is quite varied... out on foot patrol, commando trained, para-trained, field ambo, field hosp etc?)... is there anyone who can give me a bit more info on the above please? Anyone actually in 335?

Cheers, Sam
335 Medical Evacuation Regiment (335 MER) are a specialist unit similar to 306 Specialist Field Hospital and their HQ is also in York. This new unit was formed in 2005 from the old Ambulance Train Squadron.

Thank you for the reply. That is very much the extent of the information I could find too!... there seems to be a lack of any info, youtube videos, fb groups etc. of 335 MER. So is it a field hospital unit?

Cheers, Sam
Why don't you ring them? 01904 442665.
Hi, I phoned a Captain yesterday and had a bit of a chat. However, I didn't get chance to ask what I wanted as the topic went onto whether or not I was eligible to train as a CMT as I am not (yet!) a qualified Paramedic... fingers crossed!!

If anyone does have any experience of 335 MER then please give me a shout!

Cheers, Sam

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