33 Stone at the age of 15

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wija, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. This has to be the perfect under age flange for Scaley Alberto.....

    Fat Fucktard
  2. But does she actually have to get to the same size as said State? Well bless her, she is having a fcuking good go!!
  3. Kill it, Kill it, Kill it ! and lose the rest of her blood line.

    /having a bad day.. sos
  4. So. . . . . . would you?
  5. To be honest you wouldnt even be able to find her stinkbox


    you fat fcukin knacker!
  6. p.s can anyone work out how many chins she has?
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sure I've seen that munter down the Wetherspoons in town. She's got that smug look too - you know the one where she knows she's getting plugged by the last staggering beer - googled tom at the bar. Prolly had 6 kids and a bathtub full of cash off the state already. A life time of pi55taking and freeloading for you my roly poly horror!
  8. Wasn't there a country song years ago called The Devil Went Down On Georgia?
  9. Inside that remarkably well nourished young lady are three or four thin women tying to get out.

    She probably ate them as well.
  10. did she not think she was fat when she hit 20 stone? and that maybe she should've done something about it then - or are you only truly fat at 33 stone?

    at least if she had chosen heroin to comfort her she would be rakishly thin - maybe we should just get her hooked on that?
  11. More than the Shanghai telephone directory
  12. With the price of fuel being so high, can we burn fatties this winter?
  13. I tried. Couldn't work out where her chins stopped and her fat t!ts started. Why haven't cruel tauntings and ignorant stares in the street stopped her from eating? 33 stone and smiling for the camera?! Woman, behave yourself, you have fcuk all to smile about.

    That said, couple of pints of stella and I might. Just for the bragging rights. :)
  14. Just don't get caught, .............................
  15. 13,500 odd calories a day....... thats like eating 3 small children a day... wait a minute, she might have Maddie!