33 Requirement, CMD


Im looking to rejoin and want to go EOD, I was RE driver and have been out 5 years. The question is are 33 in need of guys/recruiting. Also, if I managed to get back in and over to 33 would it be possible to direct my career toward CMD or would search be the start of the ladder and then specialise once settled into the regiment?

Rejoining may take some time, if this is the case would FTRS be an option, bearing in mind im a nowhere near the london based ta eod sqn?

If there are any RE recruiters on here would you please let me know so I can PM you.

Would also be greatful if someone could explain the different career routes/specialities within 33.

Before the helpful lads start gobbin off - I have used the search button. I can phone an ACIO (its trying to find an RE EOD specialist thats the problem) just after some advice from anyone with first hand experience - if that's not you then chopsoff in someone elses thread.
my brother was in 33 eod foryears and did omb disposal and loved t im joining u hes telling me to go in 33 eod they have everything in there para,commando, diver, etc all in which sounds kool.
what did you wana no i could ask him for you hes in afgan at min so reply wont be straight away
do a barb test and tell acio your gcse results an bam they tell you what jobsin re are open to you. then go from there ay job ive been told ca apply for 33 eod
As yet, EOD and Search are not trades within the Corps but specialist qualifications. If you re-join, you will be required to choose from the wealth of trades the Corps has to offer, and then keep pushing for a posting to 33/101 and the opportunity to complete the pre-requisite courses. Bear in mind that once you complete training, you may find yourself posted to ANY Engr regiment (wherever Spr's of your trade are needed), and not necessarily 33; even if 33/101 were on your dream sheet. After all, the needs of the Corps come first, those of the individual, second. 36 Engr Regt based in Maidstone are now also heavily involved in Search and are always looking for keen young Spr's.
You need to talk to an ACIO sooner rather than later, because the issue here will be trade slots etc that are available.

As an ex-RE rejoin you are superficially attractive as you may well now have to redo Phase 1 and 2a training. ME(Bomb Disposal) is a now a Sapper trade. Search is not a trade, and is now unlikely to become one. But bear in mind that EOD and Search (both RE and RLC) has been a growth industry on the back of Afghan, but memories are short, and if you start the re-entry process now, you are unlikely to be back in and fully trained before the drawdown in AFG and we are back to "normal jogging".

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