33 Freedom of Saffrom Walden - Uttlesford Council dodgy PR

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ritchie-Hook, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. If anyone out there is involved in the Freedom of Saffron Walden parade on Sunday it may be worth having a word to your PR contacts at Uttlesford DC. They have gone for the default setting of "pull out an archive photo of soldiers maching in the town" and stick it on the story despite having no Sapper connection.

    They have slapped on a picture of the last Regt marching through the town which looks like a Regt of Lancers (from the Scimitars in the background and age pre QRL conversion) probably the 9th/12th or Antecedant.


    Perhaps they could be furnished with something more appropriate to 33?
  2. How did this go on Sunday, any news from the Grim?
  3. Yes, pretty sure it was the 9th/12th who were there before 33.
    How did the parade go, anyway?
    Staaken (of Khartoum, but not for much bleddy longer Inshallah)

    Edited for being a chopper
  4. I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure it was the 16th/5th (now QRL). I remember that they kindly tried to burn down the Officers' Mess just before we arrived and we had 6 months of charred walls and the smell of smoke.
  5. It was definitely 9th/12th that were here before 33 (EOD).

    The parade was fantastic. I don't think any of us expected to see so many people there. Lots and lots of locals, little kids waving flags and some shops had put up red, white and blue bunting as well. People hanging out of windows to try and get photos! I was surrounded by locals who were asking about the regiment and taking a real interest in what they do.

    Also nice to hear the sqn who are in Afghan at the moment mentioned - very proud!

    A few veterans there with their medals on, and I spotted a fair few Corps ties as well!

    All in all, a fantastic turn out, and I think we all got a bit emotional - even some of the lads marching!
  6. I'll bow to your better memories in which case it was 9th/12th that burned our Mess down. 16th/5th were definitely at Carver Barracks but it must have been before the 9th/12th.

  7. Not memories - they give us wives a booklet when we move in, on the history of the barracks. Reading it got me out of some unpacking :wink:
  8. G_G,

    Many thanks for posting the video link, they did the Regiment/Corps/Army proud! looked excellent! it isn't the easiest of things to march behind a band. Recognised one or two of the older & bolder faces...

    Very Proud - Well Done All involved!

    Can anyone get this on YouTube so we can link it to the various REA and Groups