33 field hospital

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by kellogs, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. As a trainee at keogh, i'm considering postings. What are the opinions of 33 field hospital?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It was good 3 years ago!

    But it's by the sea, near Emmas and you get to call your room a 'cabin'.
  3. mintsauce

    mintsauce Swinger Reviewer

    Expect to add at least 30 minutes to your journey if you want to get anywhere though..... getting in and out of Gosport is a complete nightmare.
  4. Ah that would be the posh side of Pompey then!
    Emmas what a place - only place I went too where your feet stuck to the floor before the drinking started let alone after!
    Stiil it was a short walk down the river home - unless you got arrested for peeing anywhere near that damn beached sub on the way home! You can imagine the drunken conversation ' Look at that torpedo' ' That aint a torpedo its a Sub' 'Na it has to be a torpedo subs go under water! who would put one on dry land' 'Ah the ROYAL NAVY!' Gob Bless the Dolphins.

    33's Clinical Sgt Maj once admitted to letting one rip on Ops on the first Gulf War which resulted in a follow through so he always went commando after that (eaier to clean up he said) this was on the plane into A Pod on a Telic Tour, he got ribbed for that all the way. Two months later I saw him & said 'Hello' as he walked by 'Fcuk Off' came the reply, looking over my shoulder in surprise and saw he had large circular brown patch in his trousers! who says lightening never strikes twice - Laughed so much I nearly joined him :)

    They had a very sexy Matron so surgically enhanced she looked like a brunette version of Barbie - very good Arabic speaker though! We never did agree which parts of her were independantly sprung when she was on the tredmill.

    Very cute acting Adj who returned from a Telic Tour whiter than when she left - don't think anyone believed she had not stayed with the rear party!

    Just glad I was not RAMC those red crosses did bugger all for protection in Iraq - they never seemed to work that one out though - its just an extra aiming mark to an Iraqi!

  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You could tell when the SSM was b@llshittin', his mouth opened and closed and words came out!
  6. I see dead people all the time. Ventress you know what i mean
  7. 33 was great when it first formed, there were only about 12 of us for ages. We moved HQ building 3 times in rapid succession. Mess life was good.
  8. 33 was one of my best units. Nice office upstairs with views to make you stop work for ages. Previous 2IC and RSM who has just left were absolute cracking people. Current CO is also very good.
    Mess is brill and having to work next to the nurses in Haslar was a hard chore ;-)
  9. Probaly the best unit and times I have had, even the QM's staff were almost friendly, excellent mess great banter and an outstanding RSM.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I must have failed as RQMS then!
  11. I was on Telic 2 with 33, brilliant unit to work with.

    Had some great laughs with Ventress (even though he's a gooner) introduced me to the great enigma which is Uckers.

    My old PSI is now one of their SSM's so I must say I would definitely do an operational tour with them again.

    Emmas here I come. :)
  12. On more than 1 occasion RRRRRQOOOOOOO.

    Ya zoon
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Shouldn't you be at work?
  14. I am multi tasking, I think. :roll:
  15. You can't even walk & talk, so how can you multi-task :roll: