Wakey wakey rise and shine, get next years calenders dusted of and add the below dates, no excuses get on parade. REUNION time is here again.

Following recieved from RSM 33 Further details in the New Year.

33 EOD Reunion

Fri 9 – Sun 11 May 2008

33 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Reunion will take place at Carver Barracks Wimbish over the weekend of 9 – 11 May 2008. The weekend is open to all who are serving or used to serve in 33 and 101.

The weekend will be based around a social event with displays by the Regiment; Veterans Vs Regimental rugby, football matches, a bar for all those who just want to socialise with old friends and accommodation is available.

Ticket price is £20; this will entitle you to a curry on the Fri night and the BBQ on Sat lunch time.

An admin instruction will be promulgated in the New Year.

Edited RSM's name removed

Hate to be a git, but a couple of things......
Persec A*** P****s RSM 33?
Clashy clashy Army Navy (I have no clue when it is, but normally this time of year)?
Negative input sorry.
On a pos note......
Knew he'd miss when the pundit on Sky said "Keane never misses....."
Bendtner's goal was a fcuking pearler though.
Come on you Gooners!

I think that the AvN game is the 3rd May ... which is my birthday so everyone has to buy me a drink!

Don't think that there is a security issue with naming the RSM 33 as it is easily found on the web.

Pete, I will be there for the reunion in my usual drunken (legless) state!
Pete Markham said:
Army v Navy confirmed 3rd May 2008. Staakers you just spoilt everything a gooners supporter, at least support something half decent

Pete ... you got two replies and BOTH were from Gooners! Something half decent? What like a team that is in the last 16 of the Champions League, last 4 of the Carling Cup and, oh yeah, top of the Premiership at Christmas? Half decent I would say!

Have a good xmas,new year etc! :)
Not sure I can afford it, still waiting for my MQ charges to be refunded oh and even a penny from the Mess after 24+yrs would go some way to the £20:)
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