33 Eod enginer regt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by musiclifesoul, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. I've jus had my posting from the pso at the end of my B3 combat engineer course and I just wanted to know a few things about 33,
    When is the next tour of afghan
    What's it like at wimbish and surrounding area
    What's a normal day at 33

  2. I left the Regiment in 2001 so can really only answer your question about the local area. Wimbish itself is in the middle of nowhere. There are a couple of country pubs within walking distance and the nearest town is Saffron Walden - known for a very good reason as Saffron Boredom. It's not a 'young squaddie' town at all being a middle-class market town kind of place with pot-pouri shops, tea rooms and all that kind of stuff. There are a couple of pubs that the lads drink in and loads that they avoid like the plague, as well as a couple of decent kebab shops and a nice post-pish up chinky opposite the Lizzie (Queen Elizabeth). Oh, and don't download porn in the library or you'll find yourself E+Eing back to camp (like I did). Cambridge and London are within easy reach and I confidently predict that you will suffer at least one penniless month after a night in Soho :wink: . All in all, not most exciting place in the world but certainly not the worst either.

    I'm too out of touch with things to tell you about tours or day-to-day life but can say that 33 hardly ever deploys as an entire Regiment - life and deployments revolve more around indiviual Squadrons, Troops and detachments. And unless things have changed radically, 33 is a Regiment where people WANT to serve, where there's always something interesting going on and where life is a bit more relaxed than in an ordinary field Regiment. Probably one of the best postings in the Corps outside of Germany so enjoy!
  3. Depends on which sqn you are posted to, as 33 (EOD) deploy as Sqn's rather than as an entire Regt.

    Wimbish is quiet...very, VERY quiet. As mentioned, Saffron Walden is the nearest town, which has not a lot in it, but is quite nice really. Most people go out on the p*ss in Bishops Stortford or Cambridge.

    It is a very busy Regiment, lots of courses available, and lots of chances to deploy. The majority of people seem to quite enjoy it. :D
  4. Wimbish in one word? Grim bitch.
    Saffron Walden is stuck up its own Arrse.
    My entire life as a Soldier was spent as a block rat except my time there.
    Reg't its self is the Dogs.
    Normal day would be Checking the missing bits in the S set.
    As for future posting i don't think you'll get much help on here, OPSEC and all that.
  5. Oh, so it hasn't changed much then! :wink:
  6. Don't go by Looney's word, he's been out longer than you :D ...

    Safwan Boredom is certainly as described but we used to have fun in the QE (I heard it had been closed down) Old English Gentleman, Cross Keys and Eight Bells? are other pubs that weren't too bad, the OEG admittedly was the scene of a few 'skirmishes' with the natives 8) I don't remember the locals actually ever winning any of those though!

    Myself and another lad in 21 organised two 'Urban Orienteering' Events for the Squadron in Cambridge, which went down very well until we could no longer get in any pubs due to the word going out on the Cambridge Pub and Club Pager system warning about small groups of very loud men in fancy dress causing mayhem in each pub they go to :wink:
  7. gundulph have you got details of that event as im looking to arrange one soon
  8. Keeffy,

    I'll be adding the combined story of the two Urban Orienteering Events to the Sequel to Pull Up a Sandbag, but if you would like I will write up something that explains what you will need to do, are you doing this for your Squadron/Unit? they can be great fun, we had some real laughs and even witnessed the O.C on hands and knees in Cambridges' oldest pub counting the nails in the floorboards :wink: all will be revealed in the book...
  9. Keefy, I should have this finished within the next hour, PM me your E-Mail details so I can send it in Word...
  10. Finished it yesterday Keeffy, if you or anyone else would like the Word Doc send me a PM...

  11. I still live in the area but left 33 back in 97. Saffron Walden is pretty shite for a night out now that the Liz has been shut, some guys got to the Temeraire but the locals are usually looking for a scrap so a lot of the guys disappear to either Stortford (16 mile away) or Cambridge (24 mile away). The local station is Newport but Audley End is better as you can get trains directly to London, Cambridge and Brum if you wanted to.

    Overall if you are a singly that can't drive it's a bit piss, but as a pad it ain't to bad.
  12. I left at the end of 98... the Urban Orienteering Events myself and another lad organised were both held in Cambridge, if you want me to send you the word doc I wrote up yesterday as a guide to setting similar up send me your E-Mail by Pm... they are a great laugh!
  13. Oh! duty rumour going about up at Carver at the moment is 101 are becoming regs and are moving to Wimbish as well so you will have 2 regular regiments there.
  14. Well at least that Anti-Magnetic Black Cat Watch one of them has been selling on Ebay for years will finally be telling the truth then! no mention on it ever being 101 TA Unit and theya re STILL selling them on Ebay!
  15. Not heard that but 61 sqn should be forming soon and be based in woodbridge with 23. As to the original post, Grimbish is what you make of it. Like someone mentioned before, we deploy as squadrons now with the exception of 22 HQ and spt Sqn, to Afghan. When not on pagers, plenty of scope for courses, especially before you get bombed up or search trained. We have a good football team and decent rugby side if egg chasing is your thing and good accommodation i.e single man rooms en-suite showers with shared kitchens and common rooms. Also lots of good running routes around the area if that tickles your fanny ;)