33 Engineering Regiment of the Royal Engineers clear mines

Discussion in 'REME' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. A HAMPSHIRE community will be put on a war style footing as one of the biggest mine clearances operations ever seen in the county gets underway, Up to 3,000 residents could be evacuated as Army disposal experts move into former HMS Daedalus Royal Naval air base at Lee-on-the-Solent.

    At one time there were 265 pipe mines on the airfield, packed with a total of 2,400lb of gelignite. The mines were planted in the early 1940s so the airfield would be unusable if there was a German invasion.

    Soldiers from the 33 Engineering Regiment of the Royal Engineers will take control of the airfield during the operation. Exclusion zones of up to 750 metres will be necessary for each pipe mine. Ian Hoult, Hampshire County Council's Emergency Planning Officer, said: "Our concern has been the general public and their well-being. We have distributed 6,500 leaflets throughout the area to homes and businesses."
  2. I thought all the pipe mines were cleared by the '60s!

    Even in the 50's they were in a pretty dire state with NG stuck in the pipe threads and junction boxes!

    Obviously Jack had forgotton about these...

    Go carefully chaps..
  3. Most were removed but workers found 20 remaining mines when they were carying out work for a new hanger for Coastguard Helicopter which is based on the site.
  4. Hmm

    I can understand "lost" beach mines, but how the Fckn L do you "lose" 20 pipe mines on an active airfield???

    Words fail me...

    Again, B careful my little wedgie friends...!
  5. Interesting evolution, considering that Daedalus was a fully working Naval Air Station until quite recently. In addition, they have HGV vehicle training, car racing, coastguard, glider clubs, etc on the site.

    It's making my trip home a bit of a bugger at the moment!

    We have no reports thus far of old people stating that "it's just like the blitz" or "there's a real community spirit"......