33 Engineer Regt EOD

Hiya everyone,
I've just been posted to 33 Engineer Regt EOD and was wondering if anyone had any info?

Ive got to do a presentation and there website doesnt tell me much!

Cheers for the help!

Just don't kick anything and be careful where you sit down....
I've just retraded to AGC and have to do it before i leave!!
All i have is "Its in Wimbish"

Its got to take 10 mins and i really cant make "Dont kick anything" last that long!!


1876 :roll:
I do actually!!
Im female!!!

I need to no where there going whats in the surrounding areas!
What the sps det personalites are aswell as the Sqns personalites

What people think of it really.

All you need to know is how to get the specialist EOD pay for the lads squared away and all your problems will be little ones after that.
I'll try!
but you no us clerks!!

have you ever been posted there?

Whats the nightlife like there?
xxpvfcxx said:
RLC Driver
So you went from a job were you are sat on your arse all day to a job were you are sat on your arse all day :wink:
buggrit said:
Must have one of them army issue comfy bums by now then :p

xxpvfcxx said:
I've just retraded to AGC and have to do it before i leave!!
All i have is "Its in Wimbish"quote]

Thats pronounced Grimbish :p :wink:
OEG being the place to be in Safwan Walden?!!! things have changed then! it was always just the QE and Cross Keys available on offer and if you felt like mixing it with the Posh crowd then a fresher pair of jeans, new Dessies and tuck your shirt in for the 8 Bells 8)

Does the White Horse still have its' No Squaddies Allowed Sign up? amazing how many Pubs do that and fail to realise that is the best way to 'attract' the lads in :wink:

OEG wasn't a bad place but on more than a handful of times a 'square' formation was taken up to battle to the door!!! so has it quietened down nowadays? have they improved the Redwing at the Grim in the past few years?!

Top Tip if you are at the Grim - organise your Troop or Squadron an Urban Orienteering Day in Cambridge, we carried out 2 of these, the second one by close to closing hours every Pub had been paged to prevent entry to strange guys in fancy dress asking weird questions about items in the Pub... Pleas of "I just want to know who is sitting between Little John IV and Friar Tuck XI" - "I must find out how many Fish can be found in here" or "Just let me Ring the Bulls Nose once" didn't wash!!! Make sure when you organise it that everyone is paired by the organisers as it makes for a much more amusing event...

Good Days :wink:
Its not called "wimbish" its ""grimbish"" go to the QE or the 8 Bells. last clerk we had went to collie (not the dog) for stealing travel warrants. we (I) love the corps

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