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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Holdfast, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. On the way into work this morning, I got to thinking about that ruddy great spanner that was kept in the guardroom at Monkeylager.

    1. Does anyone know what happened to it? :?

    2. What tales have you got to tell about it's use? :twisted:

    For those not in the know, (those in the know, please, correct me if I'm wrong). The spanner in question was about 4' long 3" wide with about a 6" jaw and was fecking heavy.

    Luckily only got to pick it up once, and only just to see how heavy it was. Hopefully the tales will let you know what it was used for.
  2. the MAIN ENGINE CRANKING SPANNER? hohohoho...wouldn't surprise me if some pikey knicked it when they moved from monkeylager to hohne...a good mate of mine got sent down from the tank park offices to the guardroom to get it....so he thought he'd be a smartarse and bung it in a naafi shopping trolley for the trip back to the park..lol...it wrecked the shopping trolley!!!!hahaha he still mentions it...the thing of nightmares!!

    p.s i could also mention FRED here....Field Rigorous Exercise Dummy...the inert 105 round they had at dog range at lulworth.....grrrrr
  3. I remember the tale of the shopping trolley, did your mate get to push it back down to the guardroom or did he have to carry it?

    I did get to see FRED at Lulworth, luckily again, didn't get to play with it.
  4. i also once ...(and only once as id never fall for it again), had to go to the guardroom and collect the Centurion turret spanner.......

    only after 20 mins of struggling to get it up onto the back decks, was i told to return it.

    after the move to Hohne, i never saw it again.....thank god