32gb sd card self destructs

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by foxs_marine, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. This afternoon my Samsung Galaxy S2 decided to switch itself off. When I restarted it the phone said that the sd card wasn't formatted or had an unsupported file format. The card would not mount so I took it out & put it in my usb card reader - my laptop didn't even acknowledge that there was anything in the drive.
    Is the card upgefucht & the data lost, or can I reformat the card & copy the backup onto it?
    The card is a SanDisk 32gb - it came from Amazon (direct, not the market place) so I am reasonably confident that it's genuine.
    Thanks for any suggestions,
  2. Are you running apps from the sd card?
  3. Had the same thing happen with my Galaxy 1, you are going to need a new card if my experience is anything to go by. Hope you had your important stuff backed up on your laptop.
  4. Them Mayan's were right.
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  5. I have gone through a few sd cards and not had one that lasts more than a year. I hope you back up regularly.
  6. Try cleaning the contacts on the card as a thin layer of oxidation can build up on them if the card isn't removed every now and then. If that doesn't work I'd say your screwed.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I am not running apps from the card (unless the gallery counts as an app). I'll try brushing the contacts tomorrow. I backed up in September when I got this card, so I will only have lost a few photos & some porn, I'm just annoyed that the card has failed (my first failure so far).
    Is it common for them to fail?
  8. Really common. Ever wonder why Google has gone with large memory devices without SD for their flagship products the last three versions?

    Google Galaxy dead SD Card for the latest in horror stories...
  9. i have had 3 different HC SD cards all from sandisk, two x 8gb an one x 16gb and they have been perfect for me in different devices also my S2 recently.
    never missed a heartbeat for the last 4 years maybe people have bought sh*t copies....
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  10. I brushed the contacts with a silver cloth this morning - no improvement seen.
    Yesterday someone asked if I was running apps off the sd card & I said no, but I have just noticed that 2 of my apps are showing as unavailable - I don't know if this is connected?
    I rang SanDisk this morning and, subject to me emailing them the serial number of the card, they have agreed to replace it FOC.
    This is the first of 7 cards to fail on me, but I will be heeding the advice of those of you who recommended regular backing up!
  11. Try to reformat the sd card.
  12. I know yours wasn't an ebay purchase, however it might be worth while reading the info here and getting your magnifying glass out mate.

    Dodgy SD cards are all uber der platz.
  13. Thanks Arte et Marte. I have read SanDisk the serial number & they've agreed to replace the card - from which I infer it's genuine. Having said that, the card has its serial number in grey as per the fake in the link you sent. Someone said try & reformat the card - won't that wipe the data?
  14. Yup - reformat will wipe data. It is recoverable but would be v expensive.
  15. Before you do anything else to the card, download Recuva and run it. I have recovered loads of photos etc. from a HDD that had been reformatted and an operating system re-installed on it.