32 year old thinking of joining reserves; either 4 PARA or Royal Artillery


I would sort this out first. If you can't run fast enough or are too fat they won't take you. The required standards for the various roles are all on the Army website. As they're minimum standards my advice would be to get yourself to that level first then apply.
In the old days, this was true. But nowadays that it can take months to get the paperwork through Crapita, the best advice is to apply online ASAP and get the ball rolling. It could be months before you get to the assessment centre anyway, plenty of time to work on your phys.

On the subject of older recruits mentioned by others: also nowadays, there are plenty of 30- and 40-somethings who are much, much fitter than the average 20-something. Society is changing and a desperately under-manned Army has to change with it. The Army would do well to focus some advertising on this demographic, I'll bet it would be very successful.
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I have an honours degree in mechanical engineering and work in the defense sector
How are you getting on with application process. I’ve applied and currently waiting on selection dates. So far not been horrendous considering the Christmas period always tends to slow things down (including my run time now). So for though I’ve filled out apllication, had medical triage call, had meeting with unit (informal chat, opportunities etc. I am looking at the Intelligence Corps), sent of RGMD medical forms to Glencorse that were sent to me, Got a message saying I had received a sponsorship offer, Unit recruitmet WO2 sent me questions to answer as part of a development plant (a little bit more formal but thrings we’d went over, why do you want to join etc. what do you know of army values, sent more questions from capita on my education & skills (just rehashed my cv really, i.e. mentioned leadership skills I had etc.) and Got sent a cognitive test which I did today (was basic arithmetic etc. pay attention though as pretty sure I got a few wrong as you have to memorise what was in the previous page and I rushed through it like a hungover t*at) and am booked in for a specialist recruitment day where I believe I will do mor cognitive like tests next week. Still no idea of when selection dates will be but dying to get through it. I think this week I will hear. So on that note: how have you found the experience? it sounds like I’m moaning but I work for a bank and their recruitment process is awful.

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