32 Sigs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gunnerfalkey, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. AYEZ!

    Lordz, laddeez and Gentleman!

    My Mate Hezzox is moving up to Aberrrrrdeeeeen later this year!

    He is a STAB scaley an needs to transfer!

    What is 32 sigs like!

    MORE pacifikally , what is 51sqn (the aberdeen lot) like!

    Anyone of u throbbers in 51 sqn!

  2. He'll be very lonely.......
  3. Or any shizzle drizzle about 32 sigz cud be hando.


  4. What is that meant to mean my dear fellow?

    Is it a one man killing machine?
  5. It's not rocket sience matey, work it out. Plenty of sheep to keep him busy though.

    And speak feckin' English will you, your writing is giving me a headache.

    Tell me about these "sheep"?

    Why will he be busy?

    Did i mention Hennox was in 26 SAS (v)?
  7. Ahhhh.

    So the hardmen go quiet.


    I just broke you.
  8. You are indeed an "interesting" character falkey...
  9. Baw Bag more like, Dev, is it really that baf with 51?
  10. It's not all bad, Aberdeen is quite a good night out.

    They don't tend to turn up at regt weekends for one, granted they are at the arrse end of nowhere...
  11. Is 32 Sigs still going? I thought they'd been closed down by the Royal Signals.
  12. bollocks we turn up to heaps of RTWs when they are held anywhere north of glasgow.

    51s a good laugh, we generally stick to ourselves though as regiment tends to forget about us and think that were only an hour away

    HQ: "...parade at 7 in Jardine street"
    US: "...WTF..."

    i think a lot more folk turn up nowadays though, social networking and all that!

    im in 51 so see you whenever!

  13. Gleaming johno, gleaming!

    Ma M8 hennox Iz cumin in Augusty to gee u lot a gud cin tee!

    Any chickz? :p
  14. Speak fcuking english you chav twat!!!!

    Not that they speak english in Aberdeeeeeeeeeen anyway.

  15. Im not sure,

    Perhaps they can get a gasp or two out between the thrusts into their sheep! :D

    On a more serious notes chaps,

    I have heard 32 is for the chop?

    Is this true?