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Applied to join 32 Sigs as an ex regular had my application knocked back due to my JPA medical records not being updated when I left, they should have been updated to fully fit but instead were left at temporarily medically non deployable so now I have to appeal to decision. It should get overturned as I spoke to my last unit and they confirmed my medical record on release was fully fit.

Anyway looking to join my local sig unit which fall within 32 Regiment, I am wondering what civvy recognised qualifications i could achieve by joining. Ive always had a strong interest in computers and ITwas infantry before but now wanting to re-join as a reserve and get some training and quals out of the Army, miss it too much to completely forgot about the military. Civvy street is pretty shit but no option of re-joining full time now with a new family. I have an interest in the joint cyber reserve and intelligence side of things now and wondering what routes and qualifications I can gain and go down from joining sigs. Anyone able to shed some light on what can be achieved, failing this route I would also be potentially interested SF reserves as an SFC. Again anyone gone down this route feel free to PM me if you dont want to discuss anything openly.
There a what was known as a National Reserves’s unit. Employed for there skills in telecommunications (and wider IT). So they don’t parade but do a minimum of 19 days commitment. HQ is MOD Corsham.

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