32 sex offenders still serving

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kingsofleon, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Is that it?!?!! Pfffft
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  2. People who don't get jailed for an offence might not get booted out of the Army.

    Complete non-story.
  3. Sixty

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    Compared to the entirety of the numbers of servicemen and women that's so small as to be infinitesimal.

    I await:

    Civil Service has (x) numbers on the register
    Police have (x) numbers on the register
    NHS have (x) numbers on the register
    Matalan have have (x) numbers on the register

    All of which are worthy of inclusion in CA and / or the Outrage Bus Terminal.
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  4. 32 Sex Offenders? Not sure I've heard of them.

    They the ones that had Blowpipe?
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  5. A guy I know snogged an underage bird in a nightclub and left her with his number. A few days later, the police called and asked him to attend an interview where he was cautioned and made to sign the register. He was about 19/20 at the time.

    Hardly the sort of predatory paedophile the term 'sex offender' conjures up. Non-story, I believe.
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  6. A bloke that worked for me a few years ago, got into a penpal relationship with a hot chick in UK while on tour. Pics, pornographic letters and some disgusting suggestions about what they could get up to on R&R if he brought his uniform.

    Long story short: He was keen, she was 15, he was accused of grooming and ended up with a caution and an entry in the register for 5 yrs (IIRC).

    Bad boy!
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  7. Do they qualify as a club? They could put a bid in for a mini bus with those numbers.
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  8. WTF, record smeared, reputation tarnished for life, without benefit of trial by one's peers?
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  9. Yep. It's not justice it's the law.
  10. I can think of two that were done for IIRC having pictures on their laptops. Allegedly one missed out on doing time because he grassed up all his nonce mates.

    Years ago the Bn used to have a computer room, where people could go and use the internet, it apparently had to be closed due to people viewing "inappropriate" sites, though whether those were porn or something more sinister I couldn't say.
  11. I court martialled some poor trainee in Catterick a few years ago. He groped another female recruit through her lumpy jumper in the NAAFI. RMP stitched him up by getting him to admit that he did it, regardless of whether she invited him to or not.

    That was the only fact of the case, all the rest was anecdote and bar room bluster.

    When we deliberated on the sentence, the Judge Advocate told us that regardless of our decision he would go on the sex offenders register for 5 years by law. We were appalled.

    He got to soldier on and I hope that he's now a damn fine soldier somewhere. I also wish I'd had the moral courage to walk out and get the Army to find another officer to try him.

    That statistic may be true, but it's an irrelevance bearing in mind the zealotry of the current law.

    It's also the reason why (with one or two exceptions) I loathe the RMP.
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  12. Was thinking the same myself, a lad I work with is on "The Register" for 5yrs for just that.