32 Regt Hohne

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by any_chance, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. I've just found out that i'm going to be posted to 32 Regt, and am trying to find out some information about the Regt and it's location. It's my second posting, but first as a sapper (saw the light and transferred). Looking for information about available facilities, nightlife, and the general area. Any help is much appreciated
  2. Time Euro Disco. Need i say more!
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  4. Oh dear, dont tell me they reopened it??
  5. Looked at the Army website and the posted 2 section is quite good. I was hopefully looking more for the information from lads serving there or just left there to try and get an image of the place. I'm a singlie so I should have asked about the accomodation as well?
  6. I remember The Snake Pit & The Quelle Bar but that was 30 yrs ago.
  7. oo la la's!!!!!
  8. not been there since I got out in 99 but can't imagine there's a whole lot changed, every sqn had their own bar, there was a regt'l bar and a main naafi bar on camp, loads of Gym kit on the garrison as well as pools, stables, and bowling alley.

    my info isn't up to date, some of the serving lads may be able to update you
  9. A bowling alley ?

    Where is that then ?

    Only the yanks had bowling alleys.

    Mind you BFBS was like radio 4 in the 70's and there was only kraut telly and the Weinberg.
  10. remember the bowling alley......and a mate who bolwed under the name 1,2,3,4,4.........had a finger missing :D

    left hohner 01, but despite the fact it's pretty isolated had one of my best postings there. been on the wagon seven years now :wink:
  11. Yup Hohne's ace just get yourself down to Rainbows in Hannover and bag all the boxhead SCH
  12. It was in the NAAFI bar on the right on the way to the roundhouse, can't remember the name though, royal oak or something daft!
  13. Yup the Royal Oak just had a re-fit about 3-4 years ago as well
  14. Bloody sprogs !