32 Regiment - UAV Tactical Pilot Course

Hello, i have been offered the chance to attend assesments for the above.

Envolves a BARB test, Maths, Data extraction tests and an interview.

Just wondering does any one know what sort of questions for all the above.

any help much grateful

Have you looked at 2010DIN01-015 on the Defence intranet?

Thinking of applying for this course myself, but not due a posting till 2012. I am in Artillery already. Are you in 32 Regt or are you thinking of transferring over? On the DIN there is 32 Regts RCMO's contact details, who should be able to give you more info. Hope this helps.
How times have changed. In my day the Drone Pilots Course was a blag played on sprogs.
We had one spectacular success just before Phoenix came in. Although everyone had heard of the blag we convinced our hero that the new system actually did need a pilot. The blag grew legs and we managed to convince the Med Centre to put him through a medical and the QMs to measure him up for his flying suit and helmet. If I remember right he had an interview with the BC, and by the time it came to the blag to be revealed, so much effort had gone into it that he refused to believe it. He was told on a Battery parade that the results of the medical showed that he was an inch too tall.
It took the TSM, BSM and BC to finally convince him that he'd been had big time.
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