32 or 64Bit

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by exmoor, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. So do we go for 32 or 64Bit Windows7?
    Probably going for the Ultimate version as it includes the XP Mode running.
    Drivers for our printer have the 64bit version ok.
  2. Depends on what else you want to do.

    video editing?
    Photo editing?

    The main big difference between the two is the amount of system usable ram, on a 32bit system it's generally limited to about 3.2gb of ram so anything above that is generally a waste. If you get a 64bit os you should be able to access all of the ram you put in (minus the ram used for video cards and other system functions)

    If you plan on doing a lot of RAM intensive work then go for the 64bit, this will also "future proof" the os to an extent.

    Just make sure your hardware fully supports 64bit before getting it
  3. I had the misfortune of buying a stonkingly powerful gaming laptop that was cursed with being shipped in windows Vista 64 bit.......like opening your brand new cars door and finding a rotting corpse on your passenger seat.

    So many of my games just refuse to work,its not old games either....just bloody random.

    Mass Effect....................the computer says " No "

    Dead Space...................the computer says " No "

    Fallout 1,2 and X-com.....the computer says " yes "

    Gears of War.................the computer says " sometimes "

    Sticks up my arrse that i have to pay microsoft again to get a product that actually works.
  4. ex-wobblyhead is right,

    If you are going to be doing gaming, video editing or anything else that is RAM intensive then I would go for a 64bit system. As has been said, check that the entire system is compatible (ie. CPU) etc. and check driver availability otherwise the system will just get bottlenecked by its slowest component, so basically the machine will only be as fast as its slowest part.

    The only thing I would say about a 32bit Operating System is that if it uses Dual Channel RAM then I would advise putting the full 4Gb in it. This just ensures you maintain the dual channel capability for all the available RAM (which will be around 3.2Gb). If you fitted 3x 1Gb RAM sticks they wouldn't be able to operate in dual channel mode which would limit their speed a bit.
  5. That is where you're both wrong I'm afraid. 32bit will only show a maximum of 3Gb of RAM, but it uses all available mempory. Eg, a laptop with 4Gb will look as though it only has 3Gb, but infact has 4Gb, and it uses all 4Gb too.

    There is some shiite advice on this forum sometimes.

    I'd go with 32bit......less compatability issues.
  6. I dont play games apart from Theme Hospital! 8O
    But with 64Bit Windows 7 Ultimate i can use the XP Mode to run some software.
    64Bit is preferred as it can use more RAM.
    Do surfing, some photo editing & music downloading.

    Cheers for the input on this.
  7. As previously stated, you're all wrong on this one.

    Edited to add: Do what you want, it's your PC. I couldn't care less if you install Win ME.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    It's not quite that simple: http://www.vistaclues.com/reader-question-maximum-memory-in-32-bit-windows-vista/

    But stick with 32bit unless you have checked that all of your applications will run on 64bit and peripherals have a 64bit driver.

  9. You're right, there are other things to consider, such as apps using the remaining 1Gb etc, but I'm not gonna sit here and write a whole precis on it. Google is a click away

  10. now thats uncalled for 8O
  11. I suppose you are technically right in your example, it could use the full 4Gb. However, in the case of a desktop that may well have a graphics card with its own RAM onboard then it most definately will not use all 4Gb.

    32bit Windows, infact any 32bit Operating System, only has 4Gb of available memory address space (thats nothing to do with the physical RAM installed in the machine). Out of that 4Gb available space graphics memory has priority as do a few system processes etc. The average system processes will probably use around 800Mb which is where the 3.2Gb available comes from.

    If you have a 1Gb graphics card installed (used the round number just for this example) then in the machine you have 4Gb system RAM and 1GB RAM on the graphics card = 5Gb total. The 32bit OS can only address 4Gb not all 5, the graphics RAM will take priority leaving 3Gb of space left then 800Mb for the system processes leaving 2.2Gb memory address space left.

    You now have 2.2Gb of available memory address space and 4Gb of RAM, in this example it would never use the 4Gb available, in reality there is probably little point having more than 2Gb System RAM installed.

    This is why I suggested a 64bit OS if the OP is going to be doing anything memory intensive, as the 64bit OS can address up to 18 exabytes (if I remember correctly) of memory space, although there are other limitations on that e.g. most 64bit compatible motherboards only support up to 8Gb or 16Gb.

    The info I gave originally is totally correct.
  12. thats not vista 64 causing the problems. all those games run on vista 64bit.