32 Hy Regt Dortmund

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by sausage-fingers, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. It would be nice to catch up with one or two that was in 32 Hy in Dortmund. I was there from its inception after 94 Loc disbanded in Celle, then we went and reformed it with the rest of 32 GW, at Moor Barracks.

    I was in 57 Bty to start with, then moved to HQ when we went to Dortmund, and I remember all the accommodation blocks were mega crap, falling to bits. I lived above RHQ for a bit then we moved to those brand new blocks and shared them with 57 Bty. 74 and 14 staying in those substandard blocks and the fraggles had a block to themselves opposite the gym.

    fond memories.........It would be great to hear from any of you who was there and shared the hell !
  2. I was there with 74 Battery from 1991 till 1993, when we moved to larkhill. Even though i wasn't there for long Dortmund had a long time effect on me and i had some really great times out there. I am still serving which makes the memories all the more fond for me ( as you can imagine). :D
  3. I was in 32 from 86-89.I started off in 74 Bty in the crappiest block ever(opposite the gun park)and then moved in above RHQ was was enen shittier.I then got attached to HQ and moved into the new blocks.Went back to 74 for The Maze tour and again just before I got out.A lot of good days were had in Dortmund(see memories of Dortmund thread) would like to get in touch with so many lads from back then.
  4. Same here pal, but I wasnt with 74. The HQ Block above RHQ was mega crappy, it was falling to bits. The Bty bar at the end of the corridor was good though.....when it was bloody open !
  5. I remember the showers in that block were minging,you had more crap on you after a shower than before and if you lived up on the top floor you had to run down a flight of sreps to get there....
  6. I got there in 87. First night we spent above RHQ, and then we wandered into 74's bar. What a mistake. Three nigs escaped within in an inch of an ass raping. Moved over to HQ Battery, nice accommodation. And to be honest, I've only got good memories of Dortmund, loved playing 57 on the hockey pitch/regimental square at football.
    Would love to go back and see the old place. I know its been flattened, I've seen it on Google Earth!
  7. Yeah, I can remember only too well the state of the accommodation. The new blocks were pretty good, well kitted out with their own kitchen, TV Room, fitted carpets and Ikea style wardrobes !

    I remember annoying the hell out of everyone in HQ/57. If I wasnt playing my keyboards in the HQ TV Room, I was playing my Guitar in the attic. We had a right good laugh, Scouse on Bass, Johno on Drums.

    I can remember keeping my old motorbike in the HQ Bty MT aswell. I run out of cash once so I put some Avtag in to see what would happen. It certainly cleaned the bores out anyway :p I can remember buying an old Yam RD250LC from a ginger bloke from 74, and I sold it to a chef when I got posted cos I didnt have a full licence....naughty man..

    Oh what fond memories........