32 ENGR REG Hohne

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by scaz_121, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. Hey, ive just recieved my posting and its to 32ENGR REG in Honhne jus wondering if anyone could give me any infomation as the hive hasnt been to helpful!!!
  2. It's a bit out in the sticks, take plenty of warm clothing! Bergen-Belsen is three Ks down the road from the Garrison. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  3. Ooh La La's.

    Ex-Gold Card Member 98-01 :worship:
  4. cheers for that twizzle do you have any idea about accom? or facilities?

  5. bedspace & sqn bar .... all you need in life.

    seriously never was armd so i cannot comment & only ever played fitba against 32 AER when they were still in monkey lager
  6. The Naafi is round!
  7. as were the majority of TANKIES. :)
  8. What colour is the boathouse?
  9. Hohne is a bit out in the sticks, but you can have fun there if you try. The town of Bergen is close by and has a few bars. Celle is a bit further distant but has a couple of night clubs and some places where you can empty your sac. Hannover is a big city a few k's further away where anything goes.

    When I were a young sojer I used to drive my feret scout car down to Belsen occasionally in the summer to letch at the high school girls who come to the former concentration camp by the coach load as part of the German education systems anti Third Reich training.

    Closer to home there used to be the Range 4 bar, run by the redoubtable "Mutti" and there was the Snake Pit, with it's retinue of grubby girls. If you should see an old taxi driver (big bastard) called Wolfgang lurking in the Snake Pit, you can let him know that it was me who put his missus up the duff when he was in nick for filling some squaddy in back in '69. All this took place many years ago so probably everything has changed now.
  10. Wasn't that at Herford? in which case I would say yellow, like the handbags!
  11. And there is a whole squadron of panzers from the war buried under the parade ground together with their dead crews..
  12. This was my first posting 95-99. It was a purely armoured Regt back then. Yes, it's out in the sticks, and yes it's a bit of a grizz to drive there, but I can honestly say I had an awesome time there. The Squadron bars were good, plenty of bars down town, Hannover was close as was Hamburg. Get out and travel ... don't spend your whole time in camp saying 'Germany is shit'. I learnt alot in those drunken hedonistic days ... can't go back ... can't go back.
  13. Call me old fashioned if you like but wouldnt normal bog-standard coffins have been easier and cheaper?
  14. There's now 3 whore houses over the road
    It's a shit hole
    It's in the middle of nowhere
    And some of the sqns are deploying so enjoy rear party
    Hope that helps
  15. its what you make of it. if you stay on camp every weekend moaning that germany is shit and that you cant go home on a weekend, you wont enjoy it..
    get out and about, see germany, and as someone said before, enjoy rear party