32 engr reg, hohne.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Lgsmith1992, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Should be on my way to 32 this year, searched around for threads on the reg but found nothing...

    Just wanted to know whats it like over there? accom? Scoff ect?

  2. Enjoy. Accom crap scoff crap.
  3. snow might have melted by then
  4. The blocks aren't great (they were due to be upgraded but that won't happen now due to SDSR) but you won't be charged much for it. The central cookhouse is miles away from your accom so buy youself a microwave!

    Do you know which Sqn you're due to join?
  5. They were telling that to us when I left there in 2002!!!!!... Beleive it when you see it! ;)
  6. Hohne miles from anywhere ! Enjoy.

    1933 pennies were more common than women around there.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Isn't there a whorehouse right outside the main gates? "Ooh La La" or some-such?
  8. Dunno mate, I was there over 30 years ago. The boozer opposite was called the Quelle then.
  9. There are two whorehouses across the road. "Ooh La La's" and "Candy Club"...
    The local town used to be a good night out, but that was about 8/9 years ago. The main pub on garrison is The Oak.
    It's not a bad posting if you plan on getting around to see Europe on the weekends etc... ;0)
  10. There is actually 3. The 3rd is called Paradise club.

    Hohne isnt a bad posting. Bergen (the local town) is shite but it is close to some larger German cities. Accomadation is mainly 2/3 man rooms. Cookhouse isnt to bad, but just quite far away from the block's. The snow has melted now but it could always come back.

    The regiment are deplying on Herrick 14 in the next few weeks, so there might be nobody here when you tip up.

    Which Squadron are you joining? ( 2, 26, 31, 39)
  11. Accomodation was OK in 60's,solid and warm,might have gone downhill since then.We were in adjacent blocks in 11H,MB 38 to be precise.Well remember someone from 26 AES lobbing molotov cocktail on Churchill AVRE that had been ceremonially saluted earlier in the day.Cookhouse was set on fire same night.Might give you some insight as to what you are in for.Good Luck.
  12. Probably hasnt been updated since then.

    Its calm copared to that.
  13. my posting is 32 not sure what sqn yet i still have my trade course to do so wont be out for probably a year yet, just wondering what its like out there anything different to what it says in this thread? whens the next tour due ? thanks.
  14. Most people's postings change whilst on your trade course, not definite but worth bearing in mind that it's likely to be the case.
  15. The finest posting in the British Army...
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