32 Battalion Pomfret S.A.

Just watched a prog on BBC 'Reporters' program.
It was basically about the new law in South Africa to ban any form of Mercenary operating overseas.
From the reporter Johnathan Charles, it seems that much of the law has come into being, as a means of exacting 'State revenge' on 32 Battalion of the old S.A. army who have settled in the obsure town of Pomfret in the North Kahalahari desert.
The battalion was raised originally from Angolan 'troops' forced south during the fighting in Angola.
They where organised into an effective unit by their new C.O. Col Jan Bradenback and became a 'Crack' unit in the fighting against the 'Communist' Angolan forces.
However later they where used by the SA gov against the 'Black Townships' and this seems to be the cause of their presant problems.
The New SA gov has decided that the town of Pomfet must no longer exsist as a Township run by Merchs. For the principal source of income is that the men of the town work as Security Guards in SA and overseas as Merchs, many in Iraq.
The gov has withdrawn the Police and Postal services, closed the Medical clinic and is demanding that the folks disperse around SA in family groups.
The old members of the Battalion say that this will lead to them being 'delt with' by locals who Hate the ex troops for their duties during the years leading up to Independance.
The Gov makes much of the fact that many of the men detained in Zimbabwae during the proposed Coup in Equatorial Guinei where from Pomfret and much was made of the Mark Thatcher connection.
The men are admittedly Soldiers by Trade but are being dealt with by the SA Gov as outcasts left over from another age.

Above done from memory and a few scribbled notes as I watched.

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