32 Armd Engrs

well recieved signal from records today informing me that i am posted to 32 eng regt at the end of the year

so would appreciate any info from anyone who is there or been recently as to how life is with regt and LAD or is it still a Wksp

plus what are quarters like and local facilities has been 14 years since i was last posted to hohne- old QOH


You should also post this in the Sapper thread. 32 is in Hohne and is part of 7 Armd Bde. Good regiment, a popular posting, although the least easy of the Germany garrisons to get back to the UK.
I was Speaking to a mate of mine at the weekend. Its unusual for him to whinge at anything but he says that the posting there broke him. He had about 20 yrs experience. Something obviously wrong at 32. Apparently there is about 10-14 blokes AWOL at the minute. I did a stint there myself in the mid 90's. It was one of the best posting's i ever had, great blokes, great bars, good laugh. Maybe there has been a change around at the top end?
I spent 3 years at 32, with 26 Sqadron fitters, from '96 to '99. Great bunch of lads who knew their stuff on the kit & took the "work hard, play harder" mentality literally. The sqn bar is located directly upstairs from the fitter section so when the boss tried to sqeeze a few extra hours of work from us on Friday afternoons, we usually ended up sacking it at about 1430 to join in with the riot taking place up the stairs. If you can't beat 'em join em!
Just finished 3 years there.I enjoyed the work,but things can tend to be last minute.com,but that seems to be the way everywhere nowadays.As for quarters I've seen worse there are some Op Puma and the area itself hasn't changed much from when you were last there.I was at the QOH for 1year before they moved to Fally for the amalgamation,was in HQ Fitters with QOH and A Sqn Fitters with QRH.
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