31 US Marines Killed in Chopper crash


On a different topic, CPL Ripper is that a pro Labour link up there? your choice, democracy etc but :?
RIP Marines.

Condolences to the Family, Colleagues and Friends of those lost.


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Aye, a sad loss indeed.

My thoughts too are with their families and comrades.
horrible. such a shame that so many soldiers/marines are killed in tragic accidents 'outside' of combat.

Ps, the labour sticker :? :roll: i suppose someone has to support them
Poor sods - RIP
My condolences to the Marine Corps family on the loss of so many of America's finest [31+5 in an ambush near the Syrian border].

The President will be holding a press conference in 45 minutes [1000 hrs].

If either of these incidents are traced to Syria there should be a prompt military response.
tomahawk6 said:
If either of these incidents are traced to Syria there should be a prompt military response.
I thought it was 'weather related'? Are you saying that Syria control the weather? If that's true, we really are in trouble.

Sympathy all round of course.
tomahawk6 said:
Calypso the cause is unknown and the possibility of enemy fire has not been ruled out.
So is this a different crash? They're not having a good day are they?


BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 26, 2005 — At least 31 Marines have been killed in an apparently weather-related helicopter crash, and four more died in a firefight, ABC News has learned.
not a good day for the US and USMC
I tend to discount initial news reports as they can be confusing. What we know for sure is that a CH-53 went down in Western Iraq with 31 Marines killed. The cause of the crash is officially Unknown. No doubt more will be known as time goes on. This crash reminded me of the CH-46 that went down during the invasion that killed 4 US and 8 Royal Marines [weather related].

A Marine convoy was attacked near the Syrian border with 4 killed. The Army lost a soldier in an RPG attack.

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