31 too old???

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Hi, I'm 31 years old and seriosuly thinking about joining the British Army as an Infantry Soldier. I'm in good health all round and physically fit, I run, swim, cycle and attend the gym at least 4 times a week. Obviously I'm nowhere near the fitness level to join, but am hoping with a little hard work, dedication and commitment it won't take me too long! However, as I said I am 31 years old and wondered if this would in any way shape or form work against me?? I thank you all in advance and look forward to reading your replies! Many thanks!!!
Yes - try the TA.
No your not too old, although, get in your Army Careers asap and discuss options....33 yrs 11 months is cut off.....My mate has just gone in the rifles at 30....so there is always hope. I will be 26 when I do my basic training...the hardest part for you in basic training is having 24/25 years olds telling you what to do, but if you can put up with that then you will breeze through
Quite true but reality needs to kick in here. Not exactly going to be a long and fruitful career......
Why not? Are you not still not able to push a full 22 if you are through the "process" by 33 and a half?


Doogonk said:
Why not? Are you not still not able to push a full 22 if you are through the "process" by 33 and a half?
Potentially, as long as you are -

Fit and well enough to be leading a section and carrying out attacks at the age of, say, 40. And doing the Pl Sgts battle course in your late 30's/early 40s - and then doing the very demanding job of an Inf Pl Sgt through your early 40s etc, etc, etc.

There are plenty of people fit enough to do so, but like it or not your fitness and ability to recover from injury tends to reduce with age. Infantry work is a young mans game.
Aye, no arguments there Duke.

As suggested previously, you need to get your botty into the local Careers office and have a chat with the chaps/chapettes situated therein bud. Depending on quals and experience there may be a myriad of less demanding routes available to you.

In a Corps for example, you will still get the chance to serve with physically demanding Units while fit enough to do so. But will have the added advantage of being able to "ease off" with less demanding Units if the need arises or as your Career progresses.

Either way.... best of luck bud. :thumright:
For most jobs in the Regulars it is 32.11 months so you have plenty of time, just nip down your ACIO for a chat soonest.
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