31 languages, 1 school but higher than 90% pass SAT benchmark!

What an extraordinary school!

The primary school where pupils speak 31 different languages - and one class has just a single British pupil | Mail Online

All the teachers are trained to teach English as a second language, and although they ship in translaters they operate a 'mentor' system, where an established pupil will help a new pupil.

What makes me laught though is reading hte comments at the bottom of the page... if you hate the DM so much, don't read it and certain ly don't read it enough to drop comments!
Do the Heil pay you for being their unofficial RSS on here CF?
Alas no.

And I am aware that many on this site aren't too keen on the Daily Mail. But rather than go with the crowd, I use it because I find the layout of the site easy to use and The Times is behind a paywall.
Mrs Harper added that parents played a 'huge part' in their child's success in the classroom. She said: 'I only came here seven weeks ago, but already I can't believe the respect that parents and children show teachers and the teaching profession that maybe isn't there from white indigenous cultures. 'Parents really care for their children, they want them to do better and for that reason our results are very, very high.'
Well, we can't possibly expect white indigenous cultures to show any respect for teachers when teachers go about inconveniencing parents with their own offspring for the occasional day or not taking responsibility for the results of inadequate childrearing, and all.
From the article it sounds like lessons are taught in English, so the kids are encouraged to learn. A pragmatic approach is taken by allowing them to learn English with another person who eitehr is a pupil speaking hte same language or a 'terp (prob a TA).

I'd imagine it is a fun, energetic and dynamic learning environment.
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