31 Indep Cdo Sqn R

Can any one give me any info on these guys? Couldn't find a web-site for them but I'm looking to possibly transfer units at the moment. I'm a medic in a TA Field Hosp and it gets a bit boring really, and fancied a challenge.


was looking through the old posts and thought would bump this one rather than strarting a new one

i have just started at plymouth uni doing a civil engineering Bsc, and i want to join the RE after uni. At some point in my carer i would like to a tour with 59.

I have 2 options whilst I am here at uni

1. join the UOTC
2. try and join 131

although 131 might not take me on as i would be soon moving on they might see it was a stepping stone up too the factory and i will learn better soldiering skills etc and have experience of being a sapper, and potentially get my green lid

UOTC has the advantages that it is based around uni live, will be with other uni people, and i will learn better leadership techniques

I have to contact 131 and i will be attending the brief for UTOC soon but was wondering what you guys think?

"Go and have a go if you think you're hard enough" to 131, I say.

If you've just started then you will be there for at least another 3 years so I'm sure they'd be pleased to see you.

TA can fit around student life. On the other hand OTC was synonymous with academic underperformance when I was there. Either way you will have to learn how to juggle your time.

I'm sure it varies but our OTC was also full of twits. I much preferred my TA unit. I also found that as a "young lad" of 18 the older ones looked out for me and went out their way to teach me everything, and as long as you are alright you find a good slot in the unit, whereas in the OTC you are just one of a large intake of people the same age.

You could also gain some leadership training in 131 - there wil be time to get a stripe or go for a commission in due course if you so choose.
If you want to go for 59 your best bet is to go for 131. It will improve your fittness and your exercise admin a lot better than the OTC. Doing combat engineering will give you a very good insight into what we as a corps are all about. If you are joining as an officer it will also give you a bit more of an idea of how hard we work whilst on exercise. Good luck regardless of your choice.
Hi, i am very much interested in 131 commando and want to join. My nearest detatchment is plymouth. Could some people shed light on where selection takes place and fitness requirements. Also what are the chances of being mobilized? The thing is im doing a 3 year 8 hour course a week. and if i get mobilized it will ruin all that i will have learned. I am aware full time education people are exempt, but i won't be because of part time education.

Kind regards
131 is regarded as a very good, professional unit within the T.A. a good friend of mine who was never an RE reg, but served for some time in 131 and always came across as very professional in all he did and does! they have a Good Rep so go for it...


If you're interested in joining 131 then the best thing to do is to come along to the TA Centre in Plymouth (behind Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Millbay) on a Tues night at 1930 and get some more info.
To answer some of the questions posted, I believe when you join you can state whether you're willing to be mobilised or not and if you're a student you can definitely opt out (not sure about part time).
Training takes place locally on Tuesdays and at Lympstone and other locations up to the Midlands at weekends.
In terms of fitness all that's required to start with is a pair of legs to run with and a positive attitude as the majority of training will take place in your own time!
I'd strongly encourage any students to get in touch, especially if you enjoy a challenge. There's no problem with joining for a couple of years, getting your green lid then moving on. There are loads of training opportunities once you've passed the course and you get paid for it at normal Army rates, ideal for putting a dent in the student loan :D
Hope this helps!

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