Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pvtmccheyne, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. hi all,

    ive joined as a CSE and going to basic in a weeks time. Im interested in joining the 30th signal regiment and then once i become eligible (class 2) il maybe have a think about the 18th reg. But can i join the 30th signal regiment fresh out of phase 2 training?? cheers guys
  2. 30 Sigs is a 'normal' unit. So you can indeed go straight to that unit from Blandford. And it is a good unit for you to go to if you wish to persue your career as stated. Or was. A number of lads have followed exactly that path and seem to be doing well.

    It has changed since I was last there, so don't be downhearted if it doesn't quite meet the hype (a lot less jollies for a start). That said don't get too caught up in 30. ANY Royal Signals unit can (or should) be able to get you up to speed as a class 2.

    (you don't have to wait for your Class 2 either, get to your first unit, give it a few months to bed in, and then start procedeings.
  3. cheers frog, much appreciated :D
  4. I'm at the point of getting posted at the moment, and my advise would be to not base your hopes on one posting. Keep an open mind, as you do get preferences although they can just stick you wherever needed.

    Oh and beware of the Blandford belly!
  5. whats a blandford belly?
  6. you can get pretty lazy at blandford, its easy not to do any phys so people develop a bit of a beer belly. i wouldnt start thinking about your postings yet because when you get there you can read up on all of them and choose which one you want to go to. you have to choose 3 options when you finish phase 2 and you might get one of them you might not get any of them,

    i put 16 (germany),30 and 7 sigs (germany) down and i got 1 div (germany) lol but that could be because of my trade.

    basic is what you should be really looking in to :)
  7. Or because you had put two choices down in Germany, and 1 ADSR was the only one available?
  8. about 40-50 per cent of the people i talked to wanted to go 18 sigs 216 para or 3 cdo from blandford.... if you are defo into it then do it.

    but if you know nothing about it other than they are SF then dont bother... research what they do by getting the flyers and talking to the people who have done it. otherwise you are making a life changing decision without fully understanding the nature of the beast.

    whats wrong with just cruising around the normal units ranking up and getting paid more? there are plenty of tours to keep you busy. inf supt team?
  9. You can't go 18 straight from Blandford.... nor 3 Cdo (IIRC).
  10. my bad, they said they wanted to work towards it... after a year in unit. most never bothered. most got out
  11. you can go 18 straight from blandford, 2 of my pals have just been posted there as installation technicians. i think they are trialing it out
  12. yeh possibly im not really bothered where i get posted for my first unit i jsut want to get to a working unit now. 1 div looks pretty good im quite excited. hoping to go 216 at some point
  13. 1 div is mega. and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

    i was at 18 sigs too... but less said about that the better. i wasnt a fan.
  14. i keep hearing mixed reviews about 1 div, im looking forward to it, im pretty green too so im hoping they do plenty of exercises! how long were you at 1 div?
  15. I have not long finished my 3 year tour at 1 Div. The social life is brilliant and I can't fault it, being back in the UK you miss the camaraderie if you will, because a lot of the lads go home at the weekend. But my only fault was the work life, but only because I couldn't stand working with Armour, it really is a pain in the ******* arse