30th Anniversary of fall of Saigon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. interesting read especially a report by Brian Barron, a lot of Vets still feel the scars of the conflict and many are homeless.
    i wonder if the Vietnamese soliders themselves North/South have suffered the same thing , that particular subject seems to go unreported and how they dealt with it.

    i would be interested to hear our USA members of Arrse take on this.
  2. [​IMG]

    still haunted... :wink:
  3. First, Vietnam veterans on average are no more homeless than any other veteran from any other war.

    Second, of course, people feel conflicted because you see people celebrating a victory when you know that family, friends and comrades died during all this.

    To me, it's just another date in time but to others, especially my parents, it was the end to what they considered their home not to mention whatever happened to the people that they knew and were neighbors to.

    Strangely, they are the last people who want to talk about it. Sort of like how many grandparents never talk about WW2 either.

    I guess that eventually people move on but somehow the media likes to bring back everything as if it was all brand new and governments like the one in Vietnam want to play it as a win.
  4. You may have a point, but I for one don't see it.

    The Vietnamese government want to play it as a win? Don't you think they earned the right to do that? They took on the world's largest military power and beat them (albeit at a terrible price, but then "blood creates value" as far as national identity is concerned).

    Here are just a few lessons that could've been learned:

    1. The limits of military power and coercion. The only way the US could've won that war was to do as Barry Goldwater suggested and nuke the place and turn it into a parking lot. Once again, it is becoming apparent to the people in Washington that a big stick isn't a tool that can be used in any given circumstance.

    2. The stories you are hearing about homeless veterans should not be dismissed in the "same sh1t, different day" manner that you took in your above statement. To my mind the fact that the US (or any other government in the "civilized world") has the unmitigated gall to break faith with the men and women who have fought and died to protect it is utterly unforgivable. (All serving spams bear this in mind as you see $10billion cut from the VA budget for this fiscal year.)

    3. Have you ever been taught that it is good to learn from your mistakes? If your parents and others choose to sweep what happened under the carpet because it is either too difficult for them, or if politicians choose to ignore it for the sake of political expediency, or if the American public as a whole don't like to be reminded of failure or of their shortcomings, then a disservice is being done and as the cliche goes "those that fail to learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat it".
  5. Was a ceasefire not agreed, and after the US withdrew, NV moved against SV?