30m raised by H4H

Still gives one a warm fuzzy glow that the public are behind the lads and lasses though.

A salute to all those who raised money for this most worthy of causes.

A poke in the good eye to Cyclops for undefunding the forces in the first place.


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bigbird67 said:
yeah ok, its The Sun blowing their own trumpet, but still a good chunk of wonga in anyones book!!

Loadsa DOSH...look at their WAD!!!
Or the Sun jumping on a bandwagon and running with it

Well done all I'm sitting with my wristband on hope you all have one

Funny they told my Great grandad in 1918 he was returning to a land fit for Hero's
90 years later were relying on charity so young servicemen can recieve decent care

Him and my Granda will be spinning :x

Even if the Government paid it would still be our money, think about it.
This way you cut out the middleman (Brown) and it all goes on the nail.

Well done to Captain and Mrs Parry.

Another fine Rifleman.

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