30M from taxpayers' pockets to the Royals

Monarchy can't be of a self made man. You're there just because you're their son not because of your talent.
I'd say that two tours of Afghanistan, flying helicopters, demonstrates a much greater level of talent and commitment to the nation, than a skid mark on the sheets of life such as you ever could.
Can people vote (directly or through elected members of parliament) on the head of state?
Yes you berk. You merely have to vote for a party who have made a manifesto pledge to get rid of the monarchy. If the feeling for that move was strong enough, there would be such a party. The fact that there isn’t should tell you all you need to know.
I know this isn’t the NAAFI and posters are respecting the higher bar of language and behaviour set here but your racist trolling isn’t worthy of such respect.
@ PapaGolf.
Ta for the dislike. At least you could have offered alternative opinion, or added to something informative.
You can feck off now, put the kettle on and have a nice piece of Eccles cake to cheer you. Or have an extra sausage.
Anyway, it's nearly all over chaps/chapettes.
The UK can now revert to it's favourite sport being....a nation of argumentative, miserable, serial whingeing shytes.;)
Like PapaGolf.
Cynical.....but true.
Can people vote (directly or through elected members of parliament) on the head of state?
I'll make it as simple as possible, so you can go to bed early as it's school tomorrow.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Head of State does NOT run the country!

The elected Government does.

Ever since the execution of Charles the First, Parliament runs the country, ever since Devolution, Parliament and 3 Elected Assemblies run the country.

The Monarchy does not run the country, ergo it doesn't get voted in, because it doesn't affect your life!


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Just say "knob" and move on, every time you see one of his posts.
I believe the done thing is to threaten to contact his RSM despite having no idea who he is then retreat under a withering barrage of scorn.
If the smelly homeless would just have the dignity to just die, it would improve the poverty figures.
No it wouldn't, you tedious prick, and you know it. Given that "poverty" is measured against the average, there's every chance the lowest percentile dying would increase the number of those living in poverty.
The 14million living in poverty [in this country, presumably] should go to Africa, India or any other developing nation. They might realise they're not actually poor, after all, what with not having to live without electricity, clean water - piped to their house, a flush toilet and sanitation, a big-ass TV, Sky package and XBox. Or a new-looking leather lounge suite, going by what the "poor" are sitting on whenever the BBC newshounds go to interview them in their homes.

And why's Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the ground in a BFO bright red sleeping bag...?
Less disturbing for the visitors after the "homeless bus" accidentally runs him over when it gets there?
If the new prince is black I will be laughing at all the Arrsers who will be hating the monarchy
You sound like an utter racist prick. Most people wouldn't care one jot but it seems to be something that's preoccupying you rather a lot.
Bollocks, I'm pro monarchy, but if you are as well, it almost certainly means I'm on the wrong side of the argument.

Quite the dilemma.
The system works, irritating though the made up pageantry may be.

I often wonder whether our monarchy in this modern age is such a pukka thing due to the system itself or the fact that HMQ has done a such a singularly superb job of staying above the politics, at least in public.