30M from taxpayers' pockets to the Royals

Monarchy is by definition not democratic.
Absolute Monarchy is not democratic, rather like Tsar Putin's reign. However, a Constitional Monarchy, where power and decision-making reside with the People, is democracy. As you know.
He is the most voted in the states. It's a federation of states so the small ones still have a say, also you don't count that California has millions of voters who don't vote because democrats always win. It's an election system, you may prefer a pure proportional system however the small states wouldn't count anything. The UK MPs are also elected with a first past the post system and in theory a party with less votes could win the elections. They are just the rules of the game
To clarify, your version of democracy means the majority of people can be ignored?
The peoples soviet socialist republic of Nottingham by any chance, next door to Bugsy....
Didn't Sven come from up that way too? Is there something in the water?
The country is democratic but the monarchy is not. Can people vote against the new king?
They can vote for a republican party.


To clarify, your version of democracy means the majority of people can be ignored?
With democracy you have a say, then the rules can be different. If the US is a federation of states in which even a small state must count they have to make these rules. The rules are already known so your point is not correct because Trump lost votes in California as there was no motivation to vote him there. With a pure proportional system he would still have won
Why should people vote only for one point? It's not democratic. It would be democratic if people could vote on which people lead the country and it wouldn't be a monarchy
Why shouldnt they if they feel so strongly about it? Once the republican party kicks out the monarchy people can then vote for whom they like.
Not that its going to happy anytime soon as the UK can see all the bollocks going on in various republics.
I have already, not one American would accept a Royal family as head of the US. It's the opposite of the 'self made man' that Americans like
A question.........Who do you think runs this country ?

I will also give you an insight into the American voting system, 242 years ago the Decleration of Independence was signed. The signatories didn't think the newly independent Americans, knew a lot about voting for the 'right' party, and so to 'guide' them, the American Electoral System was born.

Half the World said that Trump shouldn't have got in, Clinton got more of the 'popular vote' but lost, but nobody thinks about changing a deeply flawed 242 year old system, why, how democratic is that ?
Do people want Charles as head of state? Do people want Camilla as Queen?
Probably, we’ll find out won’t we? - In the unlikely event that the majority want change, it’ll happen.
Fact is that most people realise that the Royals are a good thing, sorry you’re not one of them but if you carry on spreading the republican message- as you have here- we should have a president in about eleventy million years time.

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