306 Field Hospital

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Friendly_Fire, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Just signed on. Any interesting (or otherwise) things I might want to know about this unit?


  2. Its TA :roll:
  3. Your encyclopaedic knowledge always amazes me DL. :roll:
  4. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. What as?

  6. Well, I'm an O/Cdt, but will be joining the manpower pool as a urologist / surgeon.

  7. So you're still a Med student????
  8. 306 are my unit's sister unit at CVHQ. They're a good laugh, for the most part, and drink like fish swim.

    Enjoy them while you can as they haven't got long left on the books. :)

    Never dealt with anyone from manpower pool, so can't comment beyond that.
  9. No. I'm less than three years from consultancy.

    I'm an O/Cdt because that's the rank you get after signing on and before my commissioning board in February. Then I'll be a captain.

    Just wondering about the unit I've been posted to.

  10. What's this referring to? Are we up for merger or something?
  11. 306, insofar as I'm aware, is going to be disbanded, leaving CVHQ to be manned by 335 MER(V), or my mob, and Manpower Pool.

    Not sure of the timescales or reasons etc, but I know it's happening as we're preparing to absorb a lot of people from your lot.
  12. Interesting. Which unit are you with? And where are you based?

    I'm told I'm going to be 306/Manpower pool, so I don't know if that means I'm staying in York...

  13. I'm with 335 MER(V) who are based at QEB, Strensall just outside of York, along with 306 and MPP in that wonderful collective organisation known as CVHQ.

    To my knowledge, you'll remain based at QEB when 306 goes as you'll still be in CVHQ, which deals with all of the nationally recruited units such as ours.
  14. That's where I was on Saturday, joining.

    So if I'm in 306, and 306 are going, where would I go? I'm a surgeon, and they told me they'd want me in a Fd Hosp, not a MER. Or would I just be an individual in the MPP?

    I'm not sure I get it, but perhaps more will become clear after my first weekend (three weeks from now).

  15. You'll go to the MPP, I'd imagine.

    335 have no real need for surgeons. We're all about the nurses and CMT's. Make of that what you will. :p