.303 Ball Head Radian?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. This may be one off the more unusual requests posted here.

    I'm trying to help a friend in the UK (Tony Barton) source a Chinese manufacturer who can produce some turned Brass 1/6th scale .303 rounds to go in a 1/6th scale Vickers belt:


    This is the drawing which has been sent to the manufacturers:


    A couple have come back asking for details of the "head radian". I'm assuming that this relates to the arc/shape of the bullet?

    If it is, does anyone know what the head radian of a .303 ball bullet is please?
  2. A full size .303 being 78mm long?

    Doesn't quite sound right...
  3. According to Wiki (which I know isn't always the most accurate of sources) the .303 specs are:

  4. Maybe if you asked a British manufacturer you wouldn't have such problems.
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  5. Possibly true if he found a British manufacturer who:

    a) knew what the radian of a .303 bullet wass
    b) wasn't going to be so expensive that the finished article would be all but unaffordable.

    If you have any ideas of such a paragon please do let me know.
  6. A British manufacturer could just make them instead of asking stupid questions in a language he doesn't understand!

    How many do you want per batch?
    How much are you prepared to pay?
    Are they expected to feed in a mechanism or are they just for show?

    Let me know and I'll come back with a price. :)
  7. How many do you want per batch? - Initial run of 1,000
    How much are you prepared to pay? - What's your best price? :thumright:
    Are they expected to feed in a mechanism or are they just for show? - Just for show - to go in a belt as in the photo.

    It's really just a copy turning job.
  8. why turn them ?? the answer is lost wax casting ! (jewellry casting with minimal clean up)
  9. I'd be surprised if anyone in China will do a run as small as 1000. I'll price them later today.
  10. Any ideas as regards people who could do it?

    That would be great - thank you.
  11. Joe civi... yes, but on second thoughts you will have to spend £100 to set up the initial mould... let exstab come back with a price first.
  12. do you just do turning exstab ? small sheet fabrications and a bit of chisel work etc ?
  13. Tooling would be expensive for such a small order I think. I use lost wax for some small stuff already and it's OK but the founders insist on making their own tooling and it's not cheap. Would be ok if he wanted 10,000 rather than four ammunition boxes - about 3 1/2 minutes on rapid! :)
  14. Anything for money! :) PM me with your requirements.
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  15. bloody hell ! 3 and a half minutes... you could boil an egg !... Im a bit behind the times on this production stuff.. I will PM you !