.303 ammo

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by safetyman, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Just seeing if anyone knows of any reasonable price 303 ammo ?
  2. Sadly, no.

    Practically all that is available is the Privi Partizan which, although good ammo, is now around the 49p/rnd mark. Unfortunately the UK distributor has a monopoly and isn't afraid to exploit it.....
  3. If you only want to shoot at paper Frankonia have S&B rounds for cheap, see the link below, speak to their export department. I've always found them to be very helpful and very knowlegable about the legal implications.

    .303 British von Sellier & Bellot - Patronen für Büchsen - Munition - Munition & WL - Frankonia.de

    For hunting rounds you'll probably need to get them made up, or get a reloader yourself. That's the cheapest option here.

    Alternatively speak to an importer, they won't sell to you direct, but via a club or an friendly gunshop you might have luck. I'd try Edgar Brothers in Macclesfield, they used to import heavily from the Czech republic, it wouldn't be a problem for them.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Where are you, I have a few hundred possibly going spare!
  5. Try Holts auctioneers .They have had quite a few lots of .303 for sale recently.
  6. I'd be wary of S&B. The last lot of .303 bullets that I got from them were steel jacked with a copper wash.

    Yesterday I bought some PPU .303 from NSC Bisley. £48/100.
  7. North east area but travel over with work. Pm me and sure we could sort something out
  8. I've had problems with Privi Partizan, fine at 300 but a significant drop off at 600 (and I understand that it isn't just me!)
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think thats a bullet weight and powder weight problem, Indep made the same mistake with its 7.5 French when it first produced the stuff, 165 grain bullet vice 146 gn and a powder charge that meant sights at 400 to print at 100.
  10. Yes, I've had that problem at 400 and over - it's some time since I've managed to shoot at more than 300, but ISTR that I had to set between 700 and 800 to get on at 600. Somebody told me it was because I had zeroed at 100 without the bayonet fixed, which sounded very plausible, but non-spec ammunition sounds even more plausible to me.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Billhooks, if you zero you zero, it has no impact upon shooting at further distance apart from the size of the group opening up. Zeroing is just moving your group around the target till it coincides with the bull. If it was a problem then zero rane at Bisley would be redundant at 77 feet. What makes the difference is what your sights were set at for that distance and where the MPI was! I'll call iffy ammo weights.
  12. No4 sights are calibrated on the assumption that the bayonet is fixed up to and including 300, but detached thereafter. Since the average No4 shoots 6" low at 100 yds with bayonet fitted, the sights are calibrated to lift the MPI at ranges to 300, then drop it thereafter. Hence if you zero at 100/200/300 without a bayonet, then subsequent range settings will be "under".

    Having said that, Privi does seem to be a bit slower than MkVII ball. There does seem to be a slight performance deterioration in the latest batches of Privi - it seems to have gone back to having the occasional flyer that it used to have a a few years back when it came in the darker blue boxes.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok he didnt say what sights he was using, I was assuming PH5s or similar!
  14. My bold: not convinced by this, 400 yard setting is about 4 clicks (if I remember correctly) above 300 yards setting, not below...

    Are you thinking of the the battle range with the battle sight being intended for use at 300 yds with the bayonet fitted, and about 450 yards without?

  15. No not just you. Switched to Privi having run low on own ammo (174gn MatchKings over middling load of N140)
    and at 600yds where a No.4 had been doing very well and an 1918 SMLE III* had been putting them all into the black, simply dropped off the target!

    Eventually wound them back up but all over the place. Restored sights to original settings and put last few of my own loads through both rifles and things went back to where they should have been.

    Do have to wonder if somebody has turned up the wick at Privi and quality (such as it is) has dropped off because I do not recall it being that bad.