.303 (.311) 174GN Flat Points?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Beerhunter, May 31, 2010.

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  1. I have just bought a box of the above made by a South African company. Does anyone have any experience using them or can point me at any information on loading them.

    I reckon that they will make good short range fodder at a fraction of the cost of factory.
  2. The Frontier website has load data. (That's the people who make them)

    Never used them, but they seem excellent value.

    Failing that, you can always treat them as cast bullets if you want a lower-velocity load. Such data I have coming out of my ears (at home), but as a rule of thumb 16 grains of 2400, N110 or equivalent should give you around 1600 ft./s
  3. Thanks for that. Yup I know that they are made by Frontier, but apart from my limited knowledge of Dutch/Flemish/Afrikaans (I'm serious - I do know some.), I was unable to find any usable info on that site. I have emailed them but I wondered if anyone here has tried them.

    It is the seating that is worrying me most.

    Ain't it just horrible being a pioneer?

    Anyway, I expect to be shooting some trial rounds in tin the next few weeks and if they are the answer to maiden's prayer, I'll pass it on.
  4. please pass on load details and pictures of targets regardless of the results
  5. Serpently. I plan to shoot the first loads in just over fortnight.
  6. I don't imagine seating depth will be much of a problem -- the throats on military 303's can be rather generous, even in new condition.

    I would seat them to feed out of the magazine if possible and have done with it.

    They are available over here, but I haven't tried them. Was pretty sure I saw some load data on the Frontier website though -- if I get some time later I will have a look